Wellness Coaching

I empower women to transform their lives to be free from anxiety, stress, emotional eating & body shame to live a fulfilled life!

Are you ready to take back your life?

Are you ready

to stop emotional/binge eating?
to stop feeling stressed and anxious about life?
to stop putting bandaids on bullet wounds?
to break the self-sabotage game for good?
to look in the mirror and love what you see?

If your answer is “Hell yes!” click here to apply and sign up for a free Clarity Call.

Certified Coach

My name is Thalea

I am the face behind Her SunkissedSoul aka the self proclaimed SunKissed Queen and Soulful Coach. Travel Junkie and wellness enthusiast.

I am on a mission to teach women how to love themselves and to truly prioritize their well- being!

Thank You for joining me here, where your wandering soul meets inner peace free from stress, anxiety, shame and guilt to live a fulfilling life you deserve!

I am filled with joy to bring you all along this Soulful Journey and help facilitate yours!

Wellness Coaching
The SunkissedSoul Journey is unique because I use a trauma-informed intuitive approach together with embodiment and mindful practices. I match my tools and knowledge with what is most relevant to you and create your bespoke healing experience.



Grounding and Reconnecting to your Body

  • Power of internal connection – safety
  • Observation VS Identification
  • Tracking and Emotional resourcing
  • 3 pillars of connection



Moving through Beliefs and Traumas

  • Inner child and how to Re-Parent
  • Protectors – understanding your Behaviours
  • Trigger Progression Framework
  • Rules vs Boundaries



Releasing Emotions

  • Relationship to Pain
  • Emotional activation pattern
  • Worthiness wound
  • Forgiveness – cord cutting



Transcend to Healing

  • Transcendence – courage
  • Divine Feminine
  • Future casting
  • Intuitive intelligence
Wellness Coaching

What is included in the SunKissedSoul Journey :

  • Weekly 1:1 60 minute coaching experience via Zoom
  • Confidential access to recordings of calls
  • Weekly support via email or WhatsApp
  • Audio guided meditations to go with your weekly call
  • Support material to accompany tools taught
  • Access to workshops
  • Access to HerSunKissedSoul’s Private Facebook Group community

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