1 Year of YouTube

So as many of you may know and it is ok if you do not know because I am just going to tell you anyway…. I love YouTube!!! (no surprise right)

I love that it allows people to be creative, and it is an online platform with rules in place, but it does not hinder your creativity. I love the cheesy viral videos from time to time, but most of all I love the community of YouTubers I have become so fond of all of them. My top 2 YouTubers at the moment are Louis Cole and Ben Brown and recommend you check them out if you into travel and positive fun vibes.

I started watching videos here and there until a year ago I watched Louis Cole’s Playlist live videos and was hooked I never missed a day and then went back and watched all his videos I had missed. Playlistlive a Youtube  convention hosted in Orlando Florida was last weekend and that’s when i realised I have been watching Yout Tube religiously for a full year.

Through watching Fun for Louis I got introduced to Ben Brown and it has been amazing to see his growth in the YouTube space. I got to meet them when they visited Cape Town it was truly one of the highlights of 2013. (Read about it here)

I love that they so positive about life but yet completely relatable. They inspire me with their creativity, and that it is ok to dream big and go for it. They are very privileged to have the support that they have.

Even watching the other British YouTubers like Zoella, Alfie, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya and Jim and who cannot forget our own Caspar Lee then the American guys too they like another family on the interwebs lol. I love that they just doing them and found a place that accepts their creativity. I often feel trapped in my mind because I do not know where to channel my thoughts and ideas of being creative.( Thank You Cherry Hearts Blog I have found an outlet)

The Youtubers I watch inspired this blog because I am not sure if I am completely happy being in front of the camera just yet. They have inspired me to see the world differently and that paving your own path no-matter where it may lead is acceptable. That the institutional way of thinking is in the past and that creativity and channelling your strengths and getting out of your comfort zone is acceptable. I love that it’s a platform that brings the world together in a creative way, and hopefully it inspires you too.

Courteney seems serious about her craft of dancing and expressing herself through film and short videos I love creating concepts and bringing them to life so we plan on doing more fun creative videos for her YouTube channel.So keep an eye out  for that.  To stay up to date follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to her channel links are all above.

Let me know if you into YouTube and who is your favourite YouTuber.

Hope you have a great Friday and a Happy Weekend!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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