16 of The Best Travel Hacks to Save you time and Money!

Hello all you Sun-Kissed Souls, I am back with some travel tips this week. I am heading out on my summer break to Vietnam, and I thought I would curate a fun travel hack post some I have tried and some I am excited to try on my upcoming trip.

It’s always useful to know some tricks and tips that can save you time and money when you head out on your next adventure. I rummaged the internet, and these are my favorite picks for the best travel hacks.

1. Never pay for water at the airport– Freeze your water. You know you can’t bring a bottle of water through airport security—unless you freeze it. I didn’t realize this trick a little hesitant to try it, but I will be bringing my reusable water bottle along to keep refilling the price of water in the airport is just madness.


2. Roll your clothes for more space – This is an old but golden hack also put underwear and socks in shoes to save space.


3. Charge your electronics through a TV– Most modern flatscreen TV’S all come with USB ports so if you forget your adapter at home you can charge through the TV.


4. Buy a portable phone charger- since these little inventions came about I don’t leave home without them and will not miss a trip without one too. Note don’t be like me and forget to charge the charger.


5. Email yourself a scan of your passport– always handy to have copies of essential documents in save space online.


6. Mark your baggage as fragile-This way your bags will come out  first and most likely be handled with a little more care.



7. Use ATMs/cash machines to get local currency – This often works out cheaper than cash exchange booths with set exchange rate fees.


8. Get your own departures and arrivals board – download FlightBoard onto your phone and experience the VIP lifestyle. I am excited to try this app as I am always straining my eyes to find my gate number on the boards that are constantly updating.


9. Get your own personal AI tour Guide-  install Google Goggles – onto your phone and take some photos as you explore. Every time you photograph a famous monument, your phone will fire back a bunch of interesting information for you to read.


10. Learn to cook a traditional dish from each country- Something  I was never into but sure am now. Its one thing from your trip you can take with you and use it as often as you like.


11. Give your change to the homeless after a trip – you will most likely end up with some coins you did not use. Pay it forward and give them to someone who may need it since you won’t be.


12. Have a souvenir list prepared- ( stick to it) This will save you money and prevent you from purchasing something at random. On my last trip I remember running around the airport trying to find some keepsakes because heaven forbid I returned home without a fridge magnet for mommy dearest.


13. Pack a first-aid Kit- Pack a first-aid kit- It’s easy to remember things like aspirin. However, what about minor emergencies that don’t require a visit to the ER? Band-aids, anti-bacterial cream, stomach antacids, cold meds, throat lozenges. It’s not about planning for the worst; it’s preparing for the small health annoyances that at most require a pharmacy visit but who has time for that on vacation?


14. Get the airport’s Wi-Fi password before you show up -You only have so much downtime at an airport, don’t waste it trying to figure out Wi-Fi passwords. This handy site gives you the passwords for 266 different international airports and airport lounges. Visiting the Frankfurt Airport? The network name is “Frankfurt Airport, Hotspot Telekom” and the password is “Internet.” At the Zurich Airport? You need to get an access code from an information desk.


15. Book your flight with a private browser Never check for fares without first going into incognito mode. (Here’s a step-by-step guide to going private in Google Chrome.) Arline websites store your cookies, which gives them too much intel on your travel plans. If they know when you want to fly, they can raise their rates accordingly. Don’t give them that power.


16. Best tip of all Smile –  Travel with a smile and soulful purpose remember the opportunity to explore the world is also a valuable opportunity to educate and impact positive vibes on all those you encounter on your journey. Learn, love live and remember your vibe attracts your tribe!


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Thanks for reading and I hope these tips help you have a stress free adventure. Let me know some of your best travel hacks and tips below in the comments. Keep me posted on where you headed this summer or winter whereever in the world you may be.

If you heading out on a trip have a safe one! Stay up to date with me on my Vietnam Reunion Tour on Instagram. and I will be back next week sharing it all with you.

Peace Love and Happiness.





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