I Bid You All Farewell

Leaving seems to be the latest trend among my group of friends. Just packing their bags and leaving…They’re all leaving me and I am really sad about this. Such bitter sweet feelings have erupted inside of me.

In the last two months I have said goodbye to 5 of my friends. Each of them seeking adventure in different parts of  South Africa and the world. One friend is off to teach English in Thailand, my cousin is off to the USA and one has set up home in London. The other 2 have moved out of Cape Town one to Port Elizabeth and the other to Durban.

As I am sad to say goodbye to them, I am so excited for them, the new adventures, people and experiences they will encounter will be remarkable. Yes, I won’t see them and we won’t share those memories physically with each other anymore, but we will always be friends. Tied together by our past memories and bound by endless ways to stay in contact. This is the moment where I jump for joy and thank God for the INTERNET!

So Skype calls, Facebook stalking and tweeting will become our virtual home. Where I can live vicariously through all  my friends adventures and secretly pray that one day I will get a chance to travel and live my adventure, but for today I will say Au-revoir, bon voyage. I bid you farewell with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye!


Cherry ♥


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An ordinary Girl doing extraordinary things!

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