Musical Monday – Lloyde Cele

Last Thursday as I mentioned in my Weekly Wrap up post. The OOA girls had the opportunity to dance on the Expresso Morning show again this time to dance for Lloyde Cele. His a South African Idol. The girls call me their manager and I pretty much am as I tag along often enough and when the Director of the academy cannot make it I help out. (to me It doesn’t feel like work its so fun.)

It was a crazy morning as usual hair, make up and rehearse before the live performance.  The girls were on right at the end of the show so they had sometime to brush up the moves. While rehearsing Lloyde’s manager came over and took some pictures only to tell us we were rehearsing to the wrong song (Major oops.) Before we could panic Lloyde hurried over and we listened to  the song on his phone just so they could catch the beat and adapt the moves to his latest single Cinderella. It’s an awesome catchy groovy track that will surely get stuck in your head all day but not in that annoying kind of way.

Lloyde was such a nice guy learnt a few dance moves with the girls so the performance looked amazing!

He also wrote a book called Lloyde Cele a Dream of an Idol portraying his life after being crowned SA Idol and his massive 18 kg weight loss story. He strives to be an inspiration to the world as he is turning his dream into reality. I met his publisher who is accompanying him on his book tour, Great guy from America  his company is (Publishing House) and he said I should email him info about Out of Africa Dance Academy as it is great to have connections for future ventures. I did so as soon as I got back to the office so Networking skills are in check.


On another dancing note; Great News from the Out of Africa Dance Academy  HQ our Seniors competed in the Dance Star South Africa dance competition in Johannesburg over the weekend and they qualified to go to Croatia. Yeah!!

So the future looks bright in dance world nothing is ever easy but we sure getting there. God id Good!


Cherry ♥

More Expresso Madness with Lloyde Cele!
More Expresso Madness with Lloyde Cele!
A quick morning rehearsal
A quick morning rehearsal
Show time!
Show time!
Grab this book today!
Grab this book today!

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