A lifestyle Change-Health and Fitness

My life has honestly changed since I finished that diet I spoke about last year. Read all about it here.

I have finally got my mind-set right, as I know half the work is done, when you mind is in the right place. I won’t say I have become obsessed with my weight since I lost the 6 kgs and still maintained to keep it off(even during the holiday season)I have become more aware of it now and have 4 more kgs to go.

I recently turned a year older and I realized I am not getting any younger and that is no excuse for me to give up on myself. I was feeling so ugly and fat that I was stuck in a state of depression, I was not even aware of. Read more here.

I can proudly say my trip, my new eating habits and my new get fitter lifestyle has motivated me so much in all aspects of my life. While away I walked so much, was conscious about what I ate, made sure I kept drinking loads of water and never deprived myself from a drink or burger but all in moderation.

Since I have been back home I have been continuing eating healthy, chicken, salads, fish and try to keep my carb and sugar intake as low as possible.  I craved chocolates yesterday and went a little crazy. I woke up in the middle of the night with a huge tummy ache. I love how my body has detoxed itself and sending me signs. It is important to listen to your body especially when changing your eating patterns as your body will go through shock.

I use my walk mate app on my Samsung galaxy s4. I highly recommend you get a pedometer, that is essentially what it is. This app that comes pre-installed on the phone is amazing tracks your steps, the distance you have walked and the calories you have burnt. You can also track you weight and set goals for yourself.

I started my walk/jog around the common. We have square of land in the middle of busy streets.  Running clubs, cyclists, runners and walkers use this spot to train. So I have joined my dad on his daily fitness mission, if you ever meet him he talks so much, so much I don’t realize how far I am walking, which in my case is good thing! (love that man)

I feel good and hope the momentum doesn’t die out! I should add to my goal list finish everything I start. Oh did I mention, I can fit into old clothes again, best feeling ever!! Courteney watch out before you know it I will be in your clothes too lol

Hope you guys had great weeks let me know whats been happening with you and any special weekend plans!! Thanks for all the new followers, likes and comments. We really appreciate it, stick around as the CherryHeartgirls tackle more extraordinary things.

Peace love &Happiness

Cherry ♥

My First Common mission for the year! Love this app!
My First Common mission for the year! Love this app!
My second!
My second!
Getting into shape!
Getting into shape!
The view on my walk!
The view on my walk!

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