3 Years of Synergy!

I am feeling abit sad and nostalgic today, I guess the best thing to do when one feels like this is, go back in time and relive the awesome moments that is Synergy.

The music festival vibe has picked up hugely in Cape Town with every weekend hosting some sort of out door event from trance parties to the larger scale Music Festivals like Rocking the Daisies and Synergy Live Music Festival being two of the main events. Everyone who is everyone diarises the dates to attend these events.  I have yet to attend a Rocking the Daisies festival but I am a avid Synergy goer been to the last three and the memories made, fun times shared  were all equally fantastic. From the excitedness of packing the tents in the car to the long walk to finding the perfect spot to  set up camp for the weekend. The highlight of the weekend is for sure the Rocking bands,mad elctro beats, hot weather and super trendy good looking people.

Why would I be sad right now you ask, I unfortunately am missing this years festival happening this weekend due to saving constraints for my Thailand trip.  So to cheer me up I thought I would share some of my highlights in pictures I took over the last 3 years of my Synergy adventure, 2010,2011 and 2012 with you. Hope you all enjoy!!

Good Bye November 2013 as we welcome the silly season of December!!


Cherry ♥

2010 -2012

pic20131129100203Synergy 2010pic20131129095634




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