4 Days to Showtime…

I am not even part of the cast of Dreams into Reality but I am just as nervous and anxious as the cast.

Dreams into Reality Just a few more days and we’re taking to the stage- tension is rising, stress is growing but under God’s Control all things are possible. Ivy Meyer

This weekend has been manic with practice for the cast trying to put posters up and spread the word as this is the last week of marketing to get this to be a sold out show. A near robbery on Saturday’s practice put the show into perspective for all.

A young man came in and stole some of the dancers belongings and took off. He was spotted and in no time some of the male dancers and one of the parents in a car sped off after him. He ducked underneath the subway at Wittebome station but was caught by our dancers and the stolen goods  were recovered. They brought him back into the school and we called the police. When the police got there, they searched him and found a supply of drugs taped to various parts of his body. He was subsequently arrested and locked up.

 What makes this story so incredible is that the production “Dreams into Reality” aims to raise awareness on the very real issues of gangsterism, drugs and crime so prevalent in our communities. In fact, there is a scene where the premises of one of the practice halls was vandalised and the very dancer whose things were stolen Saturday has the same thing happen to her in the drama! It was amazing to see the dancers come together in that time and not let what’s happening in the communities happen to them.

This show has spoken truth into every single person that has come together to help out. Together Dreams can be turned into Reality. Life is tough and if we can inspire just one person that comes to support all our hard work on stage and behind the scenes to pull this off, it will be a dream come true.

This show has brought me closer to God, closer to my mother, sister and closer to my passion, helping so many talented people stand on a stage and show off what they can do. Even though I  play a small part behind the scenes in the bigger picture I am grateful to play any part. This is the crucial week where we pull miracles out of hats and I believe all things are possible through the mighty God we serve.

I am excited to see the end result on Saturday night.


cherry ♥



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