#5RandomThings- The Results


So I have not been the greatest at doing my five random things only because things got pretty crazy in March let’s call it March madness. (If you not sure what I am referring to check out this post here then come back and read the results below.)

5 Random Things

1 Learn how to Cook a meal
2 Clean out my Closets
3 photo shoot in a nice location
4 Go Hiking
5 learn a foreign language (start)

So the results of my try something new every month experiment turned out like this;

5 learn a foreign language (start)

I found this amazing app called Duolingo and it is an awesome way to kill time and learn something new. I am learning French at the moment. It is so easy to use and because this app is like a game you want to reach the next level and you learning at the same time. I use it when I am travelling to work in the morning and home in the evenings on the train.

I recommend if you ever wanted to learn a new language to download this app Duolingo and it is available on android and Apple. Give it a try and let me know what you think?


2 Clean out my Closets

My Shop my closet sale has prompted me to clean out the closets, and it was well overdue.


Photo shoot in a nice location

So my backyard does not count as the nicest location but I did a photoshoot and video as you could see here in yesterday’s post if you missed it.


4 Go Hiking

Hiking has been something I wanted to get back into for awhile now and In March I did two great Hikes you can read and check out my awesome pictures here.


1 Learn how to Cook a meal

The one item on the list, I think my family was most excited for was this one learn how to cook a meal task. (I did not complete this one oops) So this one will Roll over to Aprils list as I do need to learn how to cook and not just make sandwiches and two minute noodles especially if I plan on venturing out on my own.

6 Go on a Road trip

I did, however, go on a mini Roadtrip so, in fact, I did do 5 random things this month and proud that I did a few things I would not normally do.


Now looking back I do not think I did too badly I had loads of fun doing these things and it does feel good to make a commitment and stick to it. (I need to work at sticking to all my tasks)

My April List

1 Shoot Courteney’s Dance Video

2 Cook a meal

3 Go to Colour Conference

4 Read a book

5 Random Act of Kindness

Hope you had a good March and ready to tackle the 4th month of the year Happy April fools day!!!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



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