A Chinese Christmas

Being an expat and living in China of all country’s being away from home is always hard but especially hard over the holiday season. It was my second Christmas away from home and never gets easier. At least this Christmas trumps last years by an extremely large margin we actually had a semi decent Christmas lunch compared to last year’s shopping trip and random dinner in Bangkok.

Christmas Eve Stacey and I decided to have a girly day get our nails toes and hair done get random last minute bits and bobs and go to church. Yes, you read right go to Church in China. After a long day of pampering, shopping and sushi eating we went on a scavenger hunt to find a church. We were determined to try at least. After walking a few blocks and hoping, we were in the right street to get to the church on time. We literally saw a bright light and a cross on a building indicating church on the horizon.

We hurriedly rushed over a busy street excited because we had made it only to get to a beautifully lit up Church with many people rushing in to get seated. Only to find out that the service was in Chinese. We were disappointed and tried to ask people if they had any idea if there was going to be an English service anytime soon. One lady with limited English told us about another church down the road a Catholic cathedral. We rushed down the street and found it, but it was all in Chinese too. There were tons of people hovering around taking pictures in true Chinese style.

We then spoke to a guy who said there would be an English service in 30 minutes, so we waited around watching all these Chinese people keep coming. It was very refreshing to see so many Chinese people are Christian. Even though I could not understand what they were saying just being in the presence of fellow worshipers was enough having that moment was enough it was amazing to see. The English service did not come and we hung around for a few more minutes before deciding to leave.

We then headed home wrapped gifts and went to a Christmas party hosted by our colleagues. It was nice to be around so many people going through the same thing as us and having a family away from home made it easier.
On Christmas day our school hosted all of us at the Shangri La Hotel it was an awesome lunch, doesn’t beat home but it was better than nothing that’s for sure. After lunch, we all decided to take a walk around the Lake it was absolutely beautiful and great because I have not seen that side of the lake before.

We then went to a restaurant bar place called Eudora and chilled there for the rest of the afternoon chatting to other teachers from the other schools having a few drinks and feeling very merry. It was good day filled with laughs missing home skype calls and making new friends. Defiantly a Christmas away from Home not to be forgotten.

I hope you all had great family time over Christmas and enjoying some down time. As I write this, I am packing and so excited to be making my way to some warmer pastures. We leave tomorrow for Sanya in Hainan a beautiful Island on in the South of China.We will be spending a few days there, and I get to spend my Birthday in some sun before coming back to the cold.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and may 2015 be ten times better than 2014!!! My motto for 2014 was Make it happen, and I sure did. Every year I try to have a motto to live by for the year and not knowing what 2015 has in store for me I thought of Expect the Unexpected was rather fitting for my New Year Motto.

Have a blessed safe time and I will fill you all in on NEW Years Adventures as soon as I get back from my trip.

Happy New Year

Cherry ♥

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