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I read the funniest thing this morning that said; Its the 20th day of the new year and for most people their new years resolutions have been broken already lol I found that particularly funny only because it is so true. While I am still tying to contain my excitement for this year, do as much as possible, all whileI am still living on a high and keeping this momentum going.

It was so lovely to see my NewGen girls on Saturday at Dancing. Some of you reading this may be new and welcome to you. To fill you in briefly, the CherryHeartGirls consist of myself Thalea and my sister Courteney, you can find out more about us just click on the about tab above. Long story short, Courts is a dancer ( a good one) Hip Hop dance is her genra but she does all styles.

I work with the dance School Out of Africa Dance Academy and do their  online marketing and general PR .  Courteney’s Dance crew is called New Generation aka NewGen. They’re like my little project love those girls, so much talent. So it was great to see everyone on Saturday at practice and all the new faces who have joined. We’re working on a our production again Dreams into Reality 2  you can read all about last year’s production here. This year we taking it to the Artscape Theatre  for 3 shows in May. So I have my work cut of for me. I love using my talents and sowing it back into the community.

Summer in Cape Town is my favorite time of year. (hint hint come here for a summer holiday)Saturday I beached again this time with my awesomeness friends (no really we have group on whatspap called awesomeness lol) It was so nice being with everyone again, I missed them so much. We played Frisbee,spoke nonsense and went to the beach bar for Cocktail o’clock lol Then later went tubbing pictures will explain it all.

I have mentioned this before I am not a very structured blogger, whatever inspires me I write about,which will still be my formula. This year I want to be committed to releasing a post more so than just sporadically, like some weeks everyday or once a week ect. This year I have committed to do 3 posts a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday.(When I feel over inspired or have good news ect you will find an extra post here and there) So it is a flexible frame work for me to work within.

Please give our newly launched Facebook page CherryHeartsblog some love too here you will find blog updates, pictures and general on the go news! Follow me on Instagram at Thals01 and Courteney too  at COURTENEYCHILLEIGH to keep up to date with us.

Have an amazing week guys, don’t forget new Thailand Adventures comes out on Wednesday.

Peace love &Happiness

Cherry ♥


Sneak peak at a look post we shot yesterday coming out soon!
Sneak peak at a look post we shot yesterday coming out soon!

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