A little Motivational Monday


So with great excitement… You guessed it we reached our first Blog Goal 100 Followers on Saturday!

I didn’t do anything too crazy this weekend went to a Photography class at Vega on Saturday learned so much so best I keep practicing what I learned. It felt strange to be in a lecture theatre again being a student, I graduated from student life 4 years ago time is going too fast for me.

Then met my girls on the beach and beached it for the day what else  can you do on a hot summer’s day in Cape Town. We then went to Bungalow for wine and dinner and laughed and watched the sun go down. Nothing beats good laughs great wine on a summer’s day.

As we sat and spoke we looked at ourselves and thought about how lucky we are to enjoy the simple luxury as the beach wine and food when in reality this is something, not everyone can do. I am very blessed to live the life I do, and I can only thank my maker and the support of my family. I have said this many times I have no clue where I will end up, but I do know that I will try and make the most of every opportunity where ever I may be.

This blog is an expression of me along with Courteney and my other Cherryheart girls and guys living an ordinary life, doing extraordinary things here and there.

I have not got things sorted out and as soon as I think I do some curve balls come knock me down. So I thank you all for reading my rambles, following this blog, liking and commenting. I appreciate it all. We have reached our first blog goal of 100 Followers to me this is a big deal as I thought one person reading this and looking at my pictures and hopefully being inspired by something is more than I could imagine.

Thank you for following the madness that is CherryHearts; life, fashion, travels and inspirational guidance if you will.

Everything I see and every person I meet has a story, and I am here to tell it in some creative way. So stick around for the adventure because what lies ahead nobody knows but be sure you will hear it from me first.

This is not a platform for me to show off the best bits of my life I like to keep things real and as I struggle and we struggle through life and get our GPS singles crossed from time to time you will most likely hear about it.

As I have said before; We just ordinary girls doing extraordinary things and trying to make this world a better place and if we inspire just one reader we have reached the aim of this blog.

Ordinary people are the ones who create amazing things so do not ever think you not worth it or you cannot live your dreams! Make it happen 2014 still living out this years motto!

Hope you all had good weekends and ready to tackle the last week of February!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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