A mini Winter Adventure on the Cards


Where have I been I feel like sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to produce good content then have all these ideas running through my head and nothing materialises. Ever feel like that??1044539_759528814104266_655429926280187488_n

So much is going on but yet I am still standing still I guess patience is key right. I have been an emo kid lately I guess its time to put big girl panties on and stand on my own two feet the future looks scary and exciting all at the same time. I don’t want to jinx anything just yet but once all is signed sealed and delivered I will explain it all.

I am taking a short vacation a mini ADVENTURE this weekend with a group of great friends road tripping up to the coast for the Knysna Oyster festival I went last year and had an awesome mid-year break you can read about it  here.

I cannot wait to wake up at the crack of dawn as freezing as its going to be. ( waking up in the mornings has been hard with five degree temperatures) Packing the car and setting off on a journey to Mosselbay to pick up another girlfriend and then trek on to Jbay for the day. Then head back to Plet where we will be staying and then head on down to Knysna for the oyster festival on the Saturday so with a jam packed weekend planned I am excited to let my hair down and have some fun and get some awesome pictures too.

Hope life is going good for all of you and even if things may be at a low point right now remember things can get better.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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