A story of self-discovery

A story of Self Discovery that led me to my soul Purpose HERSUNKISSEDSOUL Coaching

Hi Beautiful soul, It’s time to bring the blog back and I thought I will give you an overview of where I am at now.

In 2018 I revamped this blog changed the name and everything in 2018 amid my life-changing awakening HerSunKissedSoul was born. I was reborn recommitted myself to myself and I was on a good path to take back control of my life.

So many things happened when I started to connect with myself again and place my focus on the things that were important in my life and those things were my health, exercise, and getting back in touch with my spirituality I found a church and dove into getting rooted in a truly supportive community.

My Muay Thai Gym Family

I lost almost 10kg of weight I was happy I started working out at a Muay Thai gym and started to enjoy the sport. I felt a deeper connection to God and felt like I was on a good path. I wasn’t solely living for the weekends anymore I started to drink less and completely changed my focus. I was living more purpose-driven.

I traveled explored more and I was really happy. Then in 2019, I moved to a different part of Korea BUSAN, as I felt my life changing I felt I needed an environmental change too. I was lucky to move to a new place a new school with one of my best friends. We had both experienced a beautiful life change together and we intended to keep that going.

Then this roller-coaster high completely changed. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, I wanted to be challenged but sometimes what you ask for never gets presented in the beautiful package you had hoped it would. The school I had moved to was challenging and I did not enjoy it at all. The location I had moved to was so isolating and an hour away from everything again I was extremely lucky that I had my best friend with me through this and we experienced this extreme high of 2018 and now entered this low reality together.

Moved to the mountains

What this season on the mountain taught me was sometimes we get put into isolation to lesson the distractions and to face the harsh reality that is life and take off those rose-tinted glasses.

What I started noticing come up in this new environment was my coping mechanism, my binge eating started to spike. I didn’t have the support of my gym, the support of my church community, and my biggest secret the support of my “fat doctor” yes I am admitting to it, I took diet pills. The weight I lost was lost In the most unhealthy way. I am not proud of my choice but I am proud that the choice to do this lead me to the gym and my weight loss did help me in other ways. It was a blessing and curse but one I am so grateful for because ultimately it led me to where I am today.

Representation of what my life felt like

So there I was just me alone in an apartment on top of the mountain. (ok my bestie did live in the apartment directly below me thank God) But this left me with enough time to see things I had known existed but easily ignored. I started to see things clearly, the binge restrict cycle showed up everywhere, not only with food, there were times that we would go out and after months of not drinking we would make it up in one night feeling the regret the next day. I saw this pattern with men I would stay away from guys that were not good for me and one night out end up in the arms of a stranger. As I started to see these destructive patterns play out. I didn’t want to fall back into the Thalea I was in 2017 thinking that all the work I had put in to improve and personally develop myself was a waste of time.

The truth is all the work you do put into yourself you cannot ever go backward even if it feels like it. This new level of awareness led me down a deep path of self-discovery.

It led me to ask hard questions and seek the answers. I dove in deep I started to listen to Christine Hassler’s podcast On with it and over it. Started to engage with her free resources. I read the Eckhart Tolle Book the New Earth and listened to the book club edition on Oprah Winfrey‘s podcast and my mind was opened to new possibilities.

The more personal development I was doing more questions I had. I was so curious to figure out my patterns and to find fulfillment. What I knew to be true was that I lost the weight had enough money, the ability to travel freely my own place everything I thought would make me truly happy but yet my actions didn’t show I wasn’t fulfilled, the way I was feeling didn’t indicate true peace and joy. Instead, it showed the complete opposite.

Qualified as A holist Wellness Coach in June 2020

My seeking led me to make the biggest investment I had ever made in myself it led me to embark on a wellness coaching facilitator training course. I signed up and never looked back. I started to discover wounds buried so deep, traumas from my past I wasn’t even aware of but I finally started to understand my destructive patterns and thoughts that made me behave in the way I was and why I was one hell of an emotional roller-coaster and not fully feeling fulfilled. It was the long-lost connection to myself. I was so focused on living in the world that I was lost and confused by the world.

So my mountain top experience led me on this inward journey, I cried deep tears for the first time as I started to fully face my demons. I connected to the little girl that lives within me that desperately was crying out to be seen heard and held. Slowly I started to connect again and slowly I started to see changes within. True love, forgiveness started to take over and paved the way for me.

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I know longer abandon this little girl.

Today that very journey has led me to deeper breakthroughs to getting more curious about the way I show up when I am acting from a place of lack and fear over love and abundance. I discovered a beautiful thing called my intuition and my true magic of guidance holding space and serving others. Something I always knew was my true calling to work with women creating beautiful safe places for them to start to feel again and belong again.

As I discovered on my journey from a very young age I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere I believed I was a mistake and I had to prove my worth to my mom because my bio dad abandoned me. As I opened up to my mom had those hard conversations I had suppressed for years I started to open up to myself, I started to take responsibility for the way I wanted to show up in the world and take up my space and truly feel like I belong in this world. I forgave myself for believing these lies and forgave my bio dad and finally let my stepdad take up his space in my heart that was filled with hurt and resentment for men.

I now hold the tools to help other wandering souls be found again, come back home, and connect again guiding them through the most profound journey the journey of discovering the true self. I am now a certified holistic wellness coach, mindfulness practitioner, and mental health advocate and owner of my first business HerSunKissedSoul Coaching. I believe in not only shifting your mindset but taking it to that next level and that’s listening and connecting to the wisdom that lives within your body.

I am your embodiment coach connecting your body mind and soul to tap into your fullest potential and live out your most fulfilled life while you are placed on this earth in your body. You can be free from stress, anxiety, and the emotional binge cycle. It’s a beautiful journey of unlearning and untangling to make your life simple and enjoyable again.

This journey has led me to the beautiful discovery that it was never my fault I was abandoned as a child the shame and guilt I carried for years was never my burden to carry making this discovery feeling deeply affirming this truth that I am fearfully and wonderfully made In the image of my God has helped me to set those heavy bags down.

This is how I ended up truly turning my life around and turning my mess into my message today. I am honestly so proud of the lives I have had the privilege of connecting with through my coaching program I launched in 2020. I am grateful that in midst of all this uncertainty I trusted my intuition and I am so grateful to have had my hand in creating these transformational experiences. I am excited for where this journey will lead me.

If any of this resonated with you please comment down below and reach out and if you are interested in finding out more about what I do you can click here or click here to book a free call with me my new intake for the SunKissedSoul Journey is now open. I am so passionate about this work and I am on a mission to break the stigma around getting help. Being brave enough to invest in my wellbeing has been my biggest strength to date. I am so grateful that have had the opportunity to help so many ladies .You can check out what they saying here.

I am now on a mission to help serve, as I see how I have radically changed my life through fully discovering all that I am and loving myself again. I see how this is not about me it’s about really helping to make the world better and more embodied. It’s time to start to fully feel and heal again.

I am excited to share all my discoveries here again and over on my YouTube channel too. I share a new video every #WellnessWednesday subscribe if you feel called and I am happy to have you part of the SunKissedSoul family and lets connect over on IG too all social links above I would love to connect.

Peace, love and Happiness

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