A Test of Willpower

So I have briefly mentioned this diet I have been on, with exactly 2 days to go before it’s over, I am having a moment of reflection.

The saying you can do anything if you put your mind to it is so true. These last two weeks was so testing but if I say I am going to do it I will do it. (that’s kinda my thing) It also helps if you have support and someone doing it with you.(thanks mom)

My New Year’s resolution this year was too loose weight; I joined a gym and was completely amped about it in the beginning of the year. Then winter rolled in and I was saving so that meant more days inside curled up with my laptop, series and snacks. I am talking about all kinds of snacks from biscuits, chips, chocolates and opius amounts of coke a cola (I am a junk food addict)

Just like an alcoholic, or druggie I was in denial, I hid my stash so nobody would know I was eating junk and every time I got a comment about it I would get very defensive.

I hated the extra weight I put on but being a girl  and overly blessed in the boob area. I was always good at illusion dressing so nobody knew exactly how big I was but myself. This intern made me feel very bad about myself and the thought of showing off my body, on a beach in Thailand still totally freaks me out.

Then about 3 weeks ago my mom’s friend told us about this Metabolism reset diet and how much weight she lost doing it. With the festive season on our door steps, you and I both know that means endless parties drinks and festive foods. So we decided to do this diet and see how it goes.

I am 12 days clean of sugar and feel good lost about 5kgs so far and will do my final weigh in on Saturday. This diet was more than just an eating plan to me. It was the first time in a long time, I committed to do something about my weight, without giving up half way. The fast weight loss is sure a motivator. I am proud of myself and my mother for doing this together.

It has taught me to think about what I put into my body, when hungry drink water, and learn to have bigger lunches and smaller dinners. I really don’t want to eat the way I was but still be able to eat anything within reason.  After losing the weight I surely  want to keep it off.

So those that can relate are probably asking what is this diet, if you are interested comment with your email address and I will send it to you. It is high protein and low carb eating plan.

The only side effect that I found was it made me very tired, lack of energy and exercise during these 14 days are not recommended.  I will warn you too, you may get very sick of the boiled eggs story lol but you can do it!!


Cherry ♥

2013-12-19 10.24.51
We will be skinny lol


7 thoughts on “A Test of Willpower”

    1. Hi Nicky will forward you the eating program now. When you read it, it may sound like craziness but trust me it is not as bad as it sounds! All the best and let me know how it goes!

  1. So proud of you for publicly owning up missy! No seriously, to everyone reading this comment I want to echo Thalea’s sentiments…the mind is a powerful thing and we don’t nearly give ourselves enough credit. As cheesy as this sounds “the mind can achieve what the heart can conceive” rings so true. These last 12 days have been proof of that statement! If you’re thinking of embarking on this (I prefer to call it a “healthy eating program”), do it with someone. The support is invaluable, going it alone will probably kill you, I kid you not!! Most challenging for me for me was going to a movie and not being able to eat popcorn. Luckily it was a day where fruit was on the menu, so I improvised and made myself a lovely fruit salad and armed with my bottle of water, I was a-for-a-way!! You can do it, yes you can!!! From the much mentioned Mom

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