A Trip of Firsts – Christmas in Zambia

Hello, All you beautiful Sun-Kissed Souls

While I was home at the end of last year, my family and I planned an impromptu trip to Zambia. My mom and dad had gone there the year before while I was still in Korea and my sister was in Bali. So while we were all in the same country we decided to go on a family holiday.

I had never been on a safari before and my sister has just recently gotten into wildlife photography so she was dying to get out into Africa and explore more. My dad is completely obsessed with wildlife, like animal planet and national geographic obsessed. My mom kind of just goes along for the adventure. While last year was completely hard for my family losing my Granny in the first half of the year and my Grandpa critically ill in the hospital, going on holiday wasn’t something we all thought would happen due to the situation at home but we decided since we were all together, to make the most of the time we had as a family.

Then the Friday the 14th of December we got a call that my grandpa had passed away and in shock, and mom in preparation mode our holiday that was set for that Sunday flights and accommodation booked had to take the back seat. While Brittish Airways were very helpful and the accommodation at the Victoria Falls Waterfront lodge could accommodate us the following week. Our holiday was postponed but the timing was perfect. I didn’t want my grandpa to die but he was suffering and I know going away during this critical time would have been hard on my mom especially being the glue in the family. We had a beautiful funeral and then left for a well-needed family holiday the day after.

My trip home was not what I expected but it truly was the reality check we all needed and a reminder that we are better together, it showed me how important spending quality time with my family is especially with me living abroad and knowing our time on this earth is not guaranteed

7 days in Livingstone Zambia

I have not explored much of Africa but I was excited to go to go to Livingstone and very excited to go on my first African Safari.


Day 1- Arrived in Livingston at the Victoria Falls Waterfront.

We arrived and went on a sunset boat cruise along the mighty Zambezi River. We saw so many hippos and witnessed a beautiful African Sunset

Day 2 – Victoria Falls

We went to Victoria Falls. You can see Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe and from Zambia. It was a brutally hot day and a little disappointing as there has not been much rainfall in Zambia the falls were very dry on the Zabian side and more in flush on the Zimbabwean side. Still beautifully to see none the less. My parents were so shocked because they were there a year before and it was so different it rained for the 6 days of the 7 days they visited and for us it was so dry. Global warming is real people.

Travel Tip – Best time to visit the Falls is May-August to see it in full flush.

Day 3 – Christmas at the David Livingstone Lodge

We had a beautiful 3-course Christmas lunch at the David Livingstone Lodge which was right next door to the Victoria Falls Waterfront where we were staying. This holiday was a Christmas gift for all of us and if you know me I value experiences so much more than things. So being in this beautiful country celebrating Christmas with my family was the best gift I could ever ask for.


Day 4 – Chobe National Park

The day we had all been waiting for SAFARI day. We drove for about 2 hours to the border where 4 countries meet. You can see Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana. We went across to Botswana where we would be taken to Chobe National Park for a safari day. We started with a river safari we saw amazing crocodiles, fish eagles and many other birds, hippos and the amazing African Elephant. There was a big herd of elephants who made it down to the river watching them young and old playing in the water, eating and playing in the mud was a surreal experience.

Then we had a great buffet lunch before our Afternoon Game Drive. We saw all the animals even went offroad to find a lion. it was such an incredible experience. I discovered that my favorite animal is giraffe they are so tall and gentle and they have the most beautiful flirty eyelashes. We saw all kinds of bucks, many warthogs, elephants, and buffalo. We didn’t get to see any Leopards but they are the hardest animals to see in the wild. However, we did see a leopard kill. Fun fact they hang the carcass of their kill up in a tree something new I learned on my first Safari experience.

I loved everything about this experience and cannot wait to go out into the bush again. I know my dad was finally happy that both his girls finally started enjoying something he has been passionate about forever. My mom was happy that she wasn’t the only one forced on yet another safari. There is just something amazing seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. My appreciation for Africa grew and my intrigue to discover more of this beautiful continent sparked on this day. I was filled with amazement and overwhelm and truly grateful to my family for affording me this trip and making my wildest dreams come true.


Day 5 – Tiger Fishing

A daddy daughter date on the mighty Zambezi River. Firstly I consider myself somewhat adventurous but fishing was never something I would ordinarily choose to do as it’s not really an interest of mine. My dad went tiger fishing the year before and spent an entire year talking about it and wanting to go back to this spot to do it again. He was so excited to take me along that I could not disappoint him and I went along for the adventure. We went out on a small boat myself my dad and the guide. Went out the afternoon and enjoyed the leisurely afternoon out on the river. This was the first time I ever fished I learned how to cast and how boring the waiting game is you do need lots of patience and luck. I then felt a tug on my line and got excited my dad jumped shouting reel it, reel it in and to my dismay, my hook got caught on a rock and the excitement was all for nothing. We did have a good laugh about it. Sadly we didn’t catch anything, but I learned how to fish and I got to spend a great afternoon doing something completely out of y comfort zone all while spending some good quality time with my dad.


Day 6 – Chill Day and another Sunset Cruise.

This was our last full day in Livingstone so we relaxed by the pool. My mom, my sister and I went to the Spa next door and the evening we went on another sunset cruise down the Zambezi river to bring our trip to an end. It was by far my favourite family holiday, we all got along for most of it. We did fun activities, saw new things and enjoyed them all together. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my family so this was great being away from people and the busyness of life to just to relax, breath, explore and love one another, was what we all needed.

Day 7 Markets and Goodbyes

Before we headed off to the airport and said goodbye to this lovely place that brought my family back to life, my mom and I headed out into the village of Livingstone and went to a big market to buy some gifts to take home. My mom loves to shop and I know I got this trait from her. We bought a few Zambian sarongs and trinkets and then headed back to say our goodbyes and off to the airport where we made our way back to Cape Town.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my glimpse of real life back home and my African Christmas adventures in the bush. There is so much more you can do here and see and I would highly recommend you take a trip to Zambia, the foods good and the people are so friendly. Let me know if you have any questions about my trip and let me know if you have been on a safari and what your experience was like?

Peace, love, and Happiness

















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