The Holy Land

A Trip that Changed my life 1 Year later- Welcome to the Holy Land

Hello all you Sunkissed Souls

I know it’s been a hot minute since I have been here but here I am!

Let’s do a quick recap, I am currently sitting in Cape Town back in my childhood home. I moved back in with my parents after one could say a tumultuous 2019 but then again, you could say 2020 is no different.

Last year was one extremely hard but one of my most fulfilling years yet. The saying things happen for a reason could not ring more true right now. Last year, I was forced to PAUSE, be quiet and take the journey inward. Basically, what’s happening to the world right now, I experienced it all last year in my inner world.

In the midst of my PAUSE, I went on many adventures too, I went to Laos my first mission trip in January 2019 to teach kids English in an under resourced village. It was extremely challenging but so rewarding. Managing with very limited resources and making the kids smile as we invested time with them. It was worth the crazy long days and restless nights. God provided for us in ways we could not do for ourselves. It really made me look at teaching as a gift, not just a means to an income.

I had planned on taking a trip to Israel in June with my family and a few other members from my church in SA. Before leaving for this trip, I was in a very strange transition phase of my life. I wasn’t happy at my new job and I was questioning my future. For as long as I can remember, I had always had this knowing that I was made to do more and serve in some way. I just never knew what that looked like. While I was navigating my own internal battles, researching and continuing my own personal development journey, I will never forget a specific moment when it felt like something downloaded in my spirit that I was to be a Wellness Coach. The light bulb switched on and a resounding “YES” resonated within me! How I was going to do this in that moment, I had no idea.

Anyway, I packed my bags and headed off to Israel to meet my family. I had no expectations, all I knew about the Holy Land were the stories I read in the bible and the dream that my Grandma had of visiting this sacred place. As a child she would tell me; “One day I will walk the roads Jesus walked.” Sadly, she died almost 13 years ago without realising her dream. So it was an honour to do this trip with my mom, my sister and my great aunt (her sister).

I arrived and was immediately mesmerized. It felt as if I had stepped back in time. The first few days we stayed in Bethlehem, Palestine  A place I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would visit. As a tourist visiting, I felt extremely safe and found the people to be immensely humble and peace loving. In the midst of all the conflict happening in the Middle East, there is an undeniable energy and vibrancy in this place.

Every day was better than the last. I learnt so much and seeing history come to life is the way best way to learn. Our tour tour guide was so insightful and passionate about his country. He shared interesting anecdotes about his family and their rich history which was tied into the culture. It was honestly such a blessing to have him guide us.

One highlight was stepping into the Garden Tomb, said to be the site where Jesus was buried and was resurrected. As I entered the Garden Tomb, my eyes immediately began to tear up as the significance of the place dawned on me. There were many tour groups all worshipping in different languages, it was absolutely beautiful. I cannot explain it but there was something so tranquil about this place, I have never felt so much peace.

Then moments like floating in the Dead Sea, being baptized in the Jordan River, walking the streets and seeing history come to life was such a beautiful experience. Hearing the story of Pentecost and visiting the chapel and the Upper Room where the Holy Spirit was poured out, seeing the place where Peter spoke his first Gospel message and where the great commission was put into effect as is written in Matthew 28:19 New International Version (NIV)

19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

We went full circle from the place where Jesus was born in Bethlehem to visiting the places where he performed his miracles from turning water into wine in Cana and feeding 5000 people with five loaves and two fishes in Galilee. Walking the Via Dolorosa on his way to be crucified, to the Garden Tomb, to the place of Pentecost. Seeing so many people of different nationalities living together side by side, gave me hope for humanity.

We ended the trip in Tel Aviv, in the old town of Jaffa City on the banks of Mediterranean Sea. As we sat and watched the final sunset, we relived our most profound moments of the trip. Before I ended my time with my family, I opened up to my mother about how I felt about being abandoned by my biological father as a baby and how I have found forgiveness to let that go. It took me 32 years to find peace. Little did I know at that time, that having had that conversation, I would experience God’s grace in all its fullness. It was just the catalyst for my growth for the journey I was about to embark on.

Isreal (1)

I left feeling so full, and with a deeper connection and trust in God. My life changed drastically since that trip. I stopped blaming my bad job, my bad relationships with men, my drinking, disordered eating issues for the fact that I was not fulfilled. I started taking full responsibility for my own human experience. I started my journey coming back home to myself. In order to live out the great commission and bring hope and healing to others, I had to start with me.  A few days after I returned from Israel, I kept seeing this Hungry For Happiness Certification program pop up everywhere. I trusted the synchronicities, I trusted my heart and the download God planted in my spirit before my trip and enrolled for the course.

One year later, I am now a certified Hungry For Happiness Wellness Coach.  I have been on the most profound inner journey, seen breakthroughs in my life and I am so ready to serve and help others.


At the end of last year, God spoke to me loudly again. As I sat in church to say goodbye to my pastor and a few other members of the congregation as they set off on their next chapter. I sat with tears streaming down my face when I heard an audible whisper; “This is where your journey started and this is where it will end.”   This year in March, I left a country I called home for over 3 years, a very comfortable lifestyle and my job as an English teacher to step into my next chapter. I was done running. I was stronger and ready to return and start this new journey. I had healed huge wounds with each member of my family and even went on a Daddy-Daughter trip in December/January (a beautiful story of acceptance which I’ll share another time).

Even though my current existence is wrapped up in Corona Virus, like most you right now, this all happening for us in divine timing. We are being woken up in new ways and as the earth purges, those that choose to wake up and enter into this new beginning, I stand with you!


Where we go on the most profound journey yet, one free from


stress, anxiety, disorded eating and external validation.

For if God lives in you, you don’t need anything else, everything in the external world begins to add value to our lives! Click here for more info.

My greatest desire is to see more people feel loved, worthy and enough as they are and truly live out there purpose on this earth and through my work  I guide you to that truth. By letting go of everything that no longer serves you and all the conditioned thought patterns you once thought was necessary.

So this is where the next chapter of my story begins surrendering daily to know that this is what I am meant to do as I start my own coaching business. I have also started a private facebook group where I do weekly meditations and talks on Wednesdays with aim to help you beat your every day struggles and live a fulfilled life amongst a collective of like minded women to support our individual journeys.  Click here if you would love to join and stay update with me on my socials where I am very active and share more about my Coaching. If you would like to find out more all the information is here.

Peace, love and Happiness


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