A Week of Mandela Magic

It has been a strange week for me; with all the Madiba Madness happening tributes events media and all on a diet.

I am trying too loose a few kg’s before my island holiday so maybe that’s why I feel strange lol I am on day 4 today without any sugar so far so good 10 more days to go. (When I finish this diet and it works I will share my secrets with you.)

Yesterday was the Memorial for Nelson Mandela at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg I managed to catch a glimpse of it here and there and followed most of it on Twitter. It’s amazing to see history go down like this and very privileged to say us as South Africans we are part of it.

This must be the biggest memorial in history. I loved Obama’s speech yesterday and if you have not seen it I will add it below.  I loved the Quote he mentioned  by Nelson Mandela; “I am not a saint he said but unless you think a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.”

One thing that was disheartening was, when the crowd booed our President. We all here to honour our Tata Madiba not to boo our president. If Nelson was alive to see that I am sure he would not be happy. It made me feel like everything he fought for meant nothing and  in that instant it showed the world disrespect. This is a time to celebrate Nelson Mandels’s life not the current negativity you may hold against the current state of affairs. ( that’s just my opinion)

I am no politician, don’t know much about what is happening in politics, but do know that our current state of affairs may not be where it should be and  we all still have a lot more to do. Nelson Mandala started the walk we as generations that follow his legacy need to keep walking that walk. Learn from this man and try to use him as an example to us. He was living proof that change can happen and we should never forget that.

Even in his death he unites us as a nation and even the world all striving for the greater good in humanity. Everyone plays a part no matter how small you may think it is, ultimately and collectively it’s for the greater good of our country.

On my way home from work yesterday I took a detour via the parade and city hall where  screens have been set up for everyone to view the events happening across the country . They have allocated a place to leave flowers cards too. Just walking by gave me that chocked up feeling seeing all the flowers and people gathered was amazing.

Today is the Cape Town Remembrance event and will go down to the Cape Town Stadium with my family after work to be part of the nationwide celebration.  So will share all  my experiences about that tomorrow.

I would love to know if you have been following these events, or just your thoughts feel free to share with me.

Viva Nelson Mandela.


Cherry ♥



3 thoughts on “A Week of Mandela Magic”

  1. Hi Cherry, I enjoyed your post. I too was very sad to hear how the crowd had booed Zuma and had to be disciplined by Ramaphosa and even Tutu. I had to hang my head in shame even if I wasn’t there. I felt like we weren’t honouring Madiba the way we should have and I think maybe the whole “show” (I feel thats what it turned out as) should have been reserved for an inside building, being broadcast live on air where we as the people of South Africa couldn’t show the world how disrespectful we can be. That being said, I enjoyed Barack Obama’s speech also, and I wish people didn’t leave in their masses once it was over. Just my thoughts.

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