A Weekend filled with Dance

I hope you all had good weekends and are fresh to tackle this new week. I missed my first Musical Monday post yesterday. I was just so busy yesterday  and didn’t want to post something just for the sake of it, So here I am on Tuesday hoping I left manic Monday in the past and thought I would do a weekend update.

I had a fairly chilled weekend doing some Out of Africa Dance Academy (OOA) work.

Some exciting news the Senior Crew Virtual Minds have qualified to compete in an International competition in Croatia next year which is an amazing opportunity. We are so proud of them but with this comes a great sacrifice as it is not cheap to send them all over to represent South Africa. Friday past kick started the first of many Fundraiser activities.

They were lucky enough to get Spur our local steak house chain to help them. Every Friday for this month they get to help host tables dance and perform for the  restaurant customers and they get 10% of the takings for the evening towards there Croatia trip.  I unfortunately  could not attend but sure will mark it on the to do list for this Friday to support. It was a great success and I am sure it will get better.

So if you in the Cape Town area on Friday come through to Spur Plumstead between 6-9pm for good food and great entertainment! 

Saturday they performed at the the Golden Acre shopping Mall in aid of World  Psoriasis Day. Was a fun morning they did a flashmob and some of there new crew dancers.  Psoriasis  affects the skin, it is typically a lifelong condition. There is currently no cure, but various treatments can help to control the symptoms.  It was amazing to use the talents that we have as the dance academy to help spread awareness and get people listening and potentially help sufferers from this disease.

Sunday evening they performed at the Baxter Theater for Paul Mitchell’s hair show. All hair stylist from across the city all gathered to see what Paul Mitchel’s latest creations would be and what new miracle products would be on show.  Unfortunately I could not go into the theater where the event was hosted as it was R200 a ticket and Courteney and her New Gen crew only danced once and then the senior crew danced after. The dress code was white so it was awesome to see everyone gathering before all in white  taking pictures. It was the hair stylist night to shine. It was a great event to perform at and all the dancers rocked the house.

So that was my weekend all about dance and some chill out time.

Hope you all had good time and please let me know if you have awesome fundraiser ideas to help me and my fundraiser team get these talented dancers to Croatia.


cherry ♥

Please support us to get these awesome dancers to Croatia!
Out of Africa getting ready to perform at the World Psoriasis Day Event
Group Shot of the OOA Dancers in support of World  Psoriasis Day
Group Shot of the OOA Dancers in support of World Psoriasis Day
The Paul Mitchell Event
The Paul Mitchell Event
Snapped two Models before the entered the
Snapped two Models before the headed on stage.
All the hair stylist gathering in the foyer before the show.
All the hair stylist gathering in the foyer before the show.

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