Adjusting to Life Back Home

So I have been back in Cape Town for about 3 days now and adjusting to life back home has been so tough. Not only am I deadly sick, with 3 doctors visits in 3 days, one emergency stop at the hospital for chest xrays and Malaria blood tests. Just to make sure I didn’t come home with something more than I bargained for lol

The thought of malaria hadn’t even crossed my mind but siting in that doctors room listening to her talk, started to make me panic just a little. Thinking about  how care free I was on holiday and I didn’t think I would get some kind of strange sickness. The results came back negative thank goodness, like they say rather be safe than sorry.

My body is still trying to acclimatize to Cape Town, I cannot sleep but I am so exhausted as we were so busy in Thailand we hardly got proper rest. I hardly slept on our way back home because I have been suffering from a blocked ear for  a week so flying just aggravated it. Luckily all of this happened towards the end of my holiday.

While I suffer from the after affects of my holiday I sit back and look at the pictures, think of the memories made and think to myself… my no voice blocked ear,no sleep, and aching body was all worth it. No words can describe how amazing it was and all the money I spent on this trip was worth every hard earned cent.

I thought going with 2 of my oldest friends was a good idea but I was convinced we would need space when we returned home. The funny thing is we are closer than before seen each other everyday since we returned and cannot stop talking about our next vacation. We will always have Thailand and we holding onto the holiday feel as much as possible before life returns to normal

I miss my family so much, have not seen them in almost 3 weeks they are vacationing in Sun City having a ball of a time. When Courteney returns I will force her to write a few posts or do a photo diary of Sun City too.

I am still busy sorting out my million pictures and will do a photo diary of the entire trip soon then a few posts on things that we did. This was a wild adventure and one I so longed for I am so blessed to be safely home and share this with everyone.

So I hope life is getting back to normal for all please let me know what’s been happening with you.

Peace love and Happiness


Cherry ♥

Our last flight home
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