Adventures to Ninxun Town

IMG-20140918-WA0017It’s been awhile since I last posted but due to lack of social networks and very poor internet connection at times and being very busy time seems to be my worst enemy. As I get into life of China and find out the hacks of life here, I plan to be more dedicated and up to date with all my adventures.

Where do I begin in our first week the school I work for English First had planned a trip for the staff to visit the ancient town called Ninxun. It is an hour out of the city we live, and the school organised a bus, lunch and then we could wander the city for the afternoon. Looking at the typical ancient Chinese architecture.

The story has it that a rich Chinese Lady from the Shang dynasty married a local from Ninxin and moved to this town her father sent her a 1000 maids. There is one corridor of a thousand rooms dedicated to her maids she had. (This is a story one of the locals told us so it should be true, but don’t quote me on the facts it may be slightly wrong.)
It was an awesome day having to explore this city. People are looking happy playing Chinese dominos living a very simple lives.

They turned half the city into a museum preserving the heritage of this little town. One of the local teachers explained that these small towns people have small dreams and never leave. They happy fishing, or having a small house shop in the streets or fruit and veg stall. It was very interesting to see and experience. It is a very beautiful little town with a river running through it and beautifully crafted bridges going across it.
Just my luck my camera broke on the second day in China so my phone is all I have right now until I can get a new one.( tear tear)
We went to this local place for lunch where they just kept bringing out dishes to eat. This is where we were a tad adventurous, eating things like pigs gut that didn’t taste too bad. We ate tofu, snails, squid, eel, chicken, fish, and good vegetables.

The food in China is very strange, but I have learnt fast do not ask what meat you’re eating if it tastes good keep eating if not don’t ever order it again. The chicken in China is dodgy as they cook the entire thing from feet with nails on it to the head. If you are a vegetarian Chinese food is good everything comes with rice or noodles even the breakfast. We did however find a savoury pancake place that Is cheap near to school and makes for a good breakfast still doesn’t beat the traditional English breakfast with bacon and eggs but it’s a good second choice.

This day was an awesome one! I have been working like a crazy person but having this opportunity to explore and see China made me appreciate how lucky I am to have this opportunity that many people will never have.

Stacey and I are finally living our dream of travel the work in-between is tough, but the memories and character building this adventure is already teaching us is amazing and worth it. China is a difficult place to get settled in, but I know with time things will get easier. I will say you need to have strong Character and a massive support system to not let things get you down and just keep going.

Hope all is good with all of you and keep an eye out for my next post coming soon Stacey and Thalea take Shanghai …

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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