Another 10km BIG WALK in the Bag!


As most of you know if you have been reading my posts I am not the sporty type at all so the best way to get me to exercise is to make it fun and then throw in a good course too.

The annual Discovery Big Walk took  place on Sunday thousands of people participate.  There are many routes so no excuses, from the  5 km all the way up to 80 km for those experienced walkers. My awesome group of friends did the 10km walk last year and decided to start doing this  every year this year we did another 10km but thinking of adding another 5km to next years walk.

The best way to do any form of exercise is to add a rowdy bunch of friends in the mix and we could honestly go on and walk for days lol .We have not seen  each other in awhile so it was awesome to wake up early make our way to the Cape Town city center where the Big walk commenced and make our way down to Mowbray where the walk finished laughing all the way. Don’t miss a chance to be part of this next year, you can register now here and find out all the information you need.

A BIG heartfelt thank you to ALL 36 482 BIG WALKERS who in perfect weather conditions, took to the streets of Cape Town for charity at the Discovery Cape Times Big Walk on Sunday! We are humbled by your generosity, support and enthusiasm, without which this event would not be possible!

So here is to Next years 15km walk!! Hope you enjoy the pics i snapped along the way. Let me know if there is smothing like this that you do always interested to know.


cherry ♥


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