Another Week closer to Holiday

Happy Friday the 13th  for all you superstitious types lol

My morning has been manic as usual, but I am jumping for joy with weekend around the corner and a long weekend I may add.

I have a friend arriving from Germany today so it will be so cool to see him and catch up over the weekend.  I have not been to the beach at all yet so hoping to get some beach action in too. I have organised Courteney a job to earn some extra cash, for the summer hols. May I add it’s the best job ever, its at the beach walking around promoting water I think and giving out free stuff, with a local radio station Heart in Cape Town. (tough life right)

Then maybe  do some travel prep.( I leave in a week and I have not done a thing oh dear) Well I have made concise list of things that need to be done if that helps me feel better. So I have to make a stop at the dreadful shops at some point and sort out my money situation too. I don’t want to leave anything for next weekend because I will not be caught dead in a mall with all those consumerism obsessed last minute shoppers.( oh i love Christmas time can you tell lol) luckily for me I get that going on holiday Christmas shopping free pass lol  I will be doing all my shopping in Thailand and bring gifts for all when I return.

I am still going strong on my diet day 6 whoop whoop I got this! a little self motivation goes along way lol

I hope you all are feeling festive and merry! Let me know what you weekend plans are and if you dreading the full malls as much as I am.


Cherry ♥

In a weeks time I will be reunited with my gypsy!
In a weeks time I will be reunited with my gypsy!
office Christmas tree!
office Christmas tree!

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