Are you Afraid of being Vulnerable??

Happy #WellnessWednesday!

Are you afraid of being vulnerable, honest, open, real and raw not only with yourself but with others too?

In today’s video, I get real and raw, as I keep investing more time in me I get to make peace with more of me. I look at those I admire and see how they have come to love. appreciate and own all of themselves. This inspires me and gives me the permission slip to own all of me. I wasn’t going to share this today a big part of me felt afraid to share but then while sitting in meditation, as I was guided to listen to my heart:

“she gently said it’s time to set me free.”

I hope by me sharing this with you and to whomever this message may reach, I hope it gives you permission to start loving you again, to reclaim your story and pick up all the pieces no matter how messy things may look.

I believe the cure to all addictions, trauma and suffering is in the meeting of a real, loving connection with yourself and those around you. This video is longer than usual so if you have the time to watch it I honestly hope it will bless your heart in listening to my story. I pray that it will give you hope in yourself!

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Sending you all so much love!

Peace,Love &happiness

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