At What Cost…

Life is a strange thing. People often telling you live each day as if it’s your last. For some people it is very easy because what they do everyday is something that they love doing and for those that have found it you are truly blessed.

For many people finding a job to just make ends meat is the reality we live in today. I commend those that despite their situation still make it in life even if it is only in small way it is better than nothing.The life you want to live ultimately comes down to the choices you make for yourself. Don’t allow your circumstances to define you.

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and be defined by mundane living, selling your soul to a system of  a corporate institution and living for greed and money. Yes we all need money to survive and it makes life easier but at what cost to you.

I live a great life all thanks to my parents. Lately I have seen my step dad give his life to his work, even when we are having family time I can see his present but his mind is probably still on work. Every minute he gets his on his laptop because he just has too much work to do.

This made me think, what kind of life are you living when you give all of it to job that abuses you but you give it everything. Is it worth it… You only have one life and yes giving up is not always recommended but you need a balance. When the scales of life are not balanced things that will show you, you need to slow down will.

God works in mysterious ways. I remember about 2 years ago giving everything to my job but still not being good enough and the stress that came made me despise my job.My body started giving up on me slowly I was diagnosed with asthma and depression, this was a very low part in my life’s journey. I had to make a choice, for me it was hard but I had to leave that job staying there was killing my spirit everyday.

I saw this happening to my Step dad but because he’s such a strong person and never allowed people to step on him at work or life it is easy to assume that he had it covered and it was just another day in the office.

Until something scary happened and he had to be rushed to hospital to get all sorts of tests done. It was scary to see him in such a vulnerable position in hospital. It is life changing and  we are so grateful it is not as serious as it could have been. Nonetheless this is a sign from God, he needs to put his life first and take better care of himself. It was an eye opener for the entire family.

As we continue to pray for his recovery. I pray he opens his eyes and realizes his family will rather see him happy then a slave to a job that is killing him slowly, piece by piece and together we will look after each other. So here I sit writing this thanking God, that this was just a scare and his safely at home recovering with all of us by his side.

This situation puts life into perspective. We so easily get caught up in life and go on without taking a step back and actually asking yourself, why you doing certain things. It is very important that you are happy and keep praying to god in good and bad times for guidance.

Biggest life lesson to date don’t take life for granted it can be taken away from of us in a heartbeat. God had to remind us that he has a plan for his children by doing this to our family so we can take a step back and let God take control of his life before he hurts himself further.

So while we go through this time of stepping back and re-evaluation,this will teach us all to make wise decisions, look after ourselves and trust God because life is not in our control.


Cherry ♥



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