Back to Thailand I go.

Thailand has always held a special place in my heart it’s one of the catalysts that led me to this nomadic lifestyle I lead now.

You can read all about my very first trip to Thailand here.  The second time I had planned on visiting I fall into a love-hate relationship with Bangkok because I spent most of days in and out of the hospital.

This time was exciting I had gotten my zest for life back spent a week soaking up the sun and with my thoughts ready for the next adventure. I was excited to explore the North of Thailand for the first time as I had only visited Bangkok and Phuket before.

I left early on the second of December 2015. Me not being the smartest smartie in the box when I arrived in Chang Mai they stamped my passport and as a South African we get 30 days one month visa free entry into Thailand, I miss calculated the dates and my final day in Thailand according to my stamp was the 1 January 2016 and my flight back to Cape town was on the second. Luckily it was only one day and the fine is 500 Baht a day, each day you in the country after the day you’re valid to be in the country. Don’t make the same mistake I did people.

I arrived hoped into a taxi and made it to my first place I was staying called Mojito Garden. A random hostel world search the price was right and the reviews were good. It has that log cabin outside cubical shower and toilet vibe to it. No bunk beds thank goodness it was great. I was alone again and needed to get used to hostel life.

The next day during breakfast I made friends with a girl and we went to the Ma se waterfalls it was a beautiful walk in the forest it was great to be back in nature out of the mental city life.

That afternoon on my way back I packed up and moved to another hostel called spicy Thai. A recommendation from a fellow traveller. It’s a good place to meet people. I met heaps of crazy travellers and got roped into going to a lady boy cabaret that evening.Not before sharing my wisdom about Cambodia to my new friends who were planiing on heading out there in the coming days. It was great to make friends and connect again.

The show was such a laugh we sat right in the front and the guyts that were with us got a few kisses and lap dances we we could not contain ourselves with laughter. I suggest that whenever you are in Chang Mai to check this place out its in the main night market area. After that the squad rolled out to another popular watering hole called Zoe yellow. It was packed we danced until the lights came on it was great.

The next day I didn’t do anything really said goodbye to a few people. Hung out in the common room watched a movie. Planned to meet up with my English friends I had met in Cambodia who were now in Chang Mai. Tow of my new American friends were headed to Pai a place I was going to in a day or two and planned to hook up with them while I was out there. That evening I went out for dinner with my girls we caught up got some beers and headed back to the place they were staying and drank wit the rest of the guys everyone was so friendly and fun. It was also the kings birthday so many bars and clubs were closed.

The next day I booked a  bus to Pai and met up with a friend of mine I had met when I was ending my time in Vietnam. She is really a special soul we got our nails done and she was heading to an Island for her last few days before heading back home after travelling for 8 months while I was headed to Pai. I will end there as Pai deserves a post entirely dedicated to itself as its just such a special place to me.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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