Battle Field of the Mind


I was on such a good healthy path and as soon as winter started to creep in my walks stopped, and I found myself making excuses to do any fitness activities. Without realising how long it took me to get my mind right and my body working I went backwards quickly and back into old habits.

Sunday morning a group of friends of mine planned a hike the Constantia Nek hike and invited me. As the morning approached I found myself internally having a fight with myself. Do I stay in bed vs the get up and get fit eventually after the back and forth, I forced myself to get up and get my ass into gear and just go.

Now not being physically active for about a month this first step is the hardest. All that time I had put into looking after my body and getting fit went out the window and back to square one I have to start.
As demotivating, sluggish and terrible I feel I know how good I felt when I was incorporating exercise into my life. I am disappointed that I have let this slip and do only have myself to blame for this. Now I have a choice do I continue to do nothing or do I make a decision, a promise to continue my fitness lifestyle.

While struggling up the hill and almost giving up halfway feeling my body want to give up and every muscle hurt, wasn’t pleasant at all. It was the reminder of the hard work I had put in and lost all because I became lazy and started making excuses.
I realised this is much the same as life, when you start something new and exciting you give it 100% in the beginning but as time goes by things become mundane and normal and boring.

This exercise taught me firstly
1 Not to give up
2 Stop making excuses
3 Find ways to make things fun and different
4 Revaluate where you at.
5 Constantly train your mind.

Yesterday I never gave up, and my friends never gave up on me they motivated me to continue the hike, it was a beautiful day and being outside in nature was peaceful and tranquil.

So I need to do this for myself getting my mind back in the game, and my body working again will be an uphill battle but one I know I can do.

Let me know if you struggle with getting your mind right too?

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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