Being Grateful- Starting an Attitude of Grattitude!

Hello all you Sun-Kissed Souls, thank you all for jumping aboard this sun-kissed train a place where we get real and most importantly get a chance to drop the act and learn to love ourselves.

Being a woman and a man is no easy task especially in today’s world where we have so many unrealistic expectations from the world.

I want to tell you to ditch all the expectations because you are only going to disappoint yourself when your expectations are too high.

Today I want to talk about being grateful. Since I changed my mind from being a complaints department to a well of gratitude I have learned to appreciate so many things I take for granted in daily life.

I find when we are happy, and life is going well it’s so easy to forget to be grateful and give thanks and so much easier to complain about things when we are struggling, or life is not going our way.

I started an attitude of gratitude and started my mornings with a space of being grateful.

This is my morning gratitude practice, and I write it all down in my gratitude journal. Every morning I answer these four questions.
1. How do you feel? 1-10 (1 bad -10 fantastic)
2. What do I need to accomplish today?
3. How can I accomplish these things?
4. What am I grateful for today? Why?

Starting my day with clear, actionable steps to accomplish for the day gives me clarity and keeps my mind focused allowing me to be more productive.
Checking in with myself and how I feel after a nights sleep, did I sleep well? What things am I still carrying from the day before? It’s always good to check in with yourself.

Finally ending it with gratitude and why. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something but to be honest we have so much to be grateful for.

An example I do my washing every Wednesday morning, and I was so thankful to have my washing machine and not having to wash my clothes by hand or have to lug it to a laundry every week.

I write this down every morning, and I know it seems like an extra thing to do, but it honestly helps me stay focused, and if I don’t do this in the morning I feel very scattered throughout my day. You can do it while you have your morning coffee or breakfast.

Try to incorporate into a task you already doing can help. You could stop replying to messages or scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and use those few minutes to do this instead.

After I shared this with my family they have been doing it too they have created a gratitude jar and pop their daily gratitudes dated into a jar and plan to read it together over the holiday time during Christmas and New Years. Its great way to be thankful and reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for.

I hope this has inspired you to all give it a try and hope everyone can incorporate an attitude of gratitude in your lives and share this practice with everyone. We can all benefit from being more grateful in this world that is always telling us we need more and in retrospect, many of us could do with less and increase our gratitude.

Please like comment and share your thoughts below always lovely to hear from you all!!
Send me some pics if you start your gratitude journal I know this can help everyone.

Peace Love and Happiness!



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