Bieber Fever is Real…

English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul Internati...
English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center in West Java, Indonesia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As most of you know the phenomenon called Beiber Fever, it  is as real as it gets. I felt I needed to share this story since he graced us with his presence last month. I have never experienced anything like it. Very glad to say I have been there done that and didn’t buy the T-Shirt but everyone else did lol.

A hint of it started in October when tickets were released. Courteney and I randomly joked a few months prior not  knowing if Justin was coming to South Africa. That we would make sure to get Golden circle tickets as we were both very excited at just the thought.

Then we found out he was coming and I was more scared than excited trying to figure out how to get my hands on those Golden circle tickets. The day arrived and the tickets were being released at 9 am. I was on the phone with Computicket in the online queue and  Courteney in the a real queue at a ticket outlet. Nerves, hands shaking, voice breaking as time drew closer to 9 am. I will never forget that day as soon as I said 2 Golden circle tickets to the operator  on the phone my heart felt like it skipped a beat, eagerly awaiting his reply.  All that stress nerves and anxiety for nothing…. but disappointment all tickets were sold out! The 2 words that I did not want to hear, I heard! Dreams of seeing Justin up close and personal shattered. I could not believe that me a grown woman could feel that disappointed.

I was more disappointed because I had to break the news to Courteney who had a heart set on those tickets. We made peace with the fact that we had general standing tickets and moved on with our lives.

Until time drew closer and I could feel the fever reach boiling point  in the air. Now Courteney in my eyes is the ultimate Beleiber. She was not going to rest and not going to slam it with the rest of us folk who missed the boat with the Golden Circle tickets.  No not this Beleiber. The day before the concert her friend told her a friend of his had a Golden circle ticket for sale. It was like finding the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Needless to say, I was quickly ditched in general standing while she continued to hustle her way into Golden Circle. After standing in a queue since 1 pm the afternoon. While I was at work listening away to Justin Bieber tunes in my headphones (getting myself concert ready). Believe Acoustic amazeballs shameless plug if you have not heard it, even if you not into the Biebs listen to it and hear that boy sing, it is really good.

Super excited for the concert I made my way to Cubana for quick bite to eat with a friend before heading off to the stadium. I love concert time a major guilty pleasure of mine I crave the jovial atmosphere of excitedness. Now I knew I had to be prepared for high pitched screaming and beleiberness. I don’t think you can prepare for that as much as you try. As I  walked up from work I got a hint of what I to be expected but I was still very excited.

I got a table while waiting for my friend and as I looked up I saw this guy that looked oddly familiar sitting not too far from me. It was Caspar Lee, my South African YouTube addiction, I never get all star struck and shy but I could not explain what was happening to me. I felt like his oldest fan as I noticed these swarms of  teen  girls come up to him and asked for an autographs and pictures.

All I wanted to do was just say hello but not be all fan girl crazy, needless to say that didn’t quite happen as I felt like a shy schoolgirl sitting by myself waiting for my friend and sneaking a glimpse of him every now and then, lol

My friend came and saved me from myself ever so slightly as I made her watch a few of his videos before so she was aware of who he was. She forced me to build up enough courage and ask him for a picture. I managed to get him just as he was leaving. He is so tall and a real nice guy. I think all I managed to say was “hi can I have a picture please” his reply “sure” posed for picture and I think I managed to say a shy “ Thank you and enjoy the show.” My ultimate loser, stalker, nerd, fan girl moment of my life and I have picture to remind me of this forever.

My Captured Moment with Caspar Lee
My Captured Moment with Caspar Lee

I am meandering off topic here  as YouTube and  Caspar Lee can be an entire blog post on its own, back to the Biebs. We headed off to the stadium and made our way to general standing. The atmosphere was energetic and electrifying, We got there  just as Locnville started to perform. They were amazing, good beats to get everyone amptd for Justin Bieber.

Then Justin performed and the earth shattering screams came from everywhere. He is a great performer, the sound was terrible and I think general standing are the ultimate worst tickets in the stadium. Minus my bad experiences that has nothing to do with Justin as a performer. I  had a good time I won’t rank it as  mind blowing but it was an experience I will never forget . I appreciate Justin as a real artist and a performer and if ever I get to see him perform again I would grab the opportunity.

This is how Justin Beiber affected Courteney,  she hustled hard for a GC ticket saw him up close danced her feet off screamed her lungs out and cried her eyes out now that’s the symptoms of #Bieberfever the ultimate #Belieber


cherry ♥

His real short in person
His real short in person
Caspar Lee is Justins On less Lonely Girl lol
Caspar Lee is Justins On less Lonely Girl lol

Ultimate Beliebers

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