Blogging 101 – A Newbie to this World

I am new to this world of blogging and honestly sometimes I am not particularly sure what I’m doing actually most of the time. This new found passion of mine has opened my eyes to view things I see everyday differently I have highlighted topics I feel passionate about that before maybe never really understood.The common themes I have noticed are; inspiration, family, travel,life, music and a bit of fashion and how can I forget YouTube. ( I feel like thats all I ramble on about)

I started this blog in June almost 4 months ago now (time flies). I basically wanted something my sister and I  could do together. We have a 10 year age gap (crazy I know). We so much alike yet so different and thought it could make for a good read. While she is still battling the ins and outs of School I am tackling the scary real world.

Courteney may not write many posts as she is so busy with school and her dance schedule is crazy that’s why I try to include her in as many posts as possible. Where it be look posts ( she has a hot dancer bod) pulls off clothes way better than I could ever, including things we get up too and her new venture down the YouTube path. So she is as much part of the CherryHeartsBlog as I am.

I have been so overwhelmed lately feeling like I have bitten off more than I could chew and trying to get things perfect. I read other blogs or look at websites and YouTube videos wishing that I could recreate it.  Forgetting this new blogging world is a journey and all the new things I learn along the way will eventually all add up, to one great story. All the blogs I have been reading have been doing it for way longer than I have and sure got better as they progressed.( I need to practice patience and just have fun with it)

I even learnt how to organise my posts( the geek in me is very proud) So you will find my homepage updating all my latest posts but if you interested in reading  stories related to my life or life in general, inspiring stuff, travels and some entertainment news it will be under the tab Life’s Journey. I am keen to do more fashion things you will find look posts and thinking of maybe adding some hair and beauty tips and style inspirations and even some fitness tips. Series this is a section with the same theme like my Musical Mondays and YouTube posts and will add and end as CherryHeartsBlog continues.

Every like, new subscriber and comment is very much appreciated and hope you find something enjoyable visually beautiful, and most of all we get to inspire you somehow or just have a good old laugh with us!

Thank You and this is just the beginning! (this is the part where I should leave you with something inspiring lol)

Here is something I like my lovely friend T’Niele who lives in Bangkok sends me a morning Mantra  everyday  what a doll!

Life is a challenge! It does not matter what difficulties we face, our worth is measured by how we face those difficulties.


Cherry ♥


5 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – A Newbie to this World”

  1. I saw your comment on Nick Miller’s YouTube video and it made me laugh that he was trying to inspire us to follow our dreams and passion, because I started blogging last week. I completely agree with your post and know how much it means for someone to tell you that they’re enjoying what you’re writing- so well done!

  2. Thank You so much for taking the time to come over and have a look at my blog it is very much appreciated. I love what Nick Miller is doing and feel it is exactly what people may need to help them on their journey especially from someone who has done it. You must send me your blog details I would love to check it out too! All the best with yours! My advice to you is have fun with it and don’t to give up! xxxx

      1. Hey Gilly your blog is awesome loved the festival piece and I agree with you on every word! As festival season starts my side of the world I most definitely need to do a post too!! Continue to have fun and don’t stop your blog as you continue your journey!! xxx

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