Breaking the Silence


I cannot believe it’s almost March of 2015 it feels like it was just Christmas yesterday and I managed to post my last post before the dreaded great Fire wall of China came and blocked me off almost all social media. Hence the reason why there has not been much activity on any of my social media networks, and any social networking geek like me, worse nightmare come true.

Even though that happened life goes on with no online social activity but it has forced me to ditch the phone random status making and instagraming and I had to make real connections with people I see every day. So in the midst of my social networking withdrawals I am alive and made it back on your screens today who knows how long this spell may last but for now I am back.

Where do I start 5 months in China and I am loving it, so much has happened to me in the last few months it is actually unbelievable.  I have traveled to Shanghai like five times visited the south of China Sonya during new years it was amazing to escape the bitter cold and be in the sun for a few days. I have celebrated my Birthday, my mom came to visit me, I have moved to a bigger apartment and gained an extra housemate.   I celebrated my first Chinese New Year, had friends from Cape Town come to visit me and did a solo mission to Shanghai to visit a friend. I have met some incredible people along the way ended up in awkward situations, miserably cold situations, had the most incredible deep conversations about love life and everything else, and I am still going strong.

I still have no clue where the future may lead me, but I am happy being here and focussing on me and pushing my boundaries as a person. So with that being said my Motto Expect the Unexpected 2015 has proven to be living up to its motto for this year.

I can honestly recommend if you are feeling unsure and unhappy where you are right now in your life to make a change even if it’s just a holiday or short term travel. It will surely give you a new perspective on life.

I was once that girl living vicariously through other people on Facebook and secretly wishing that was me being brave and tackling the world.  It started with me making a decision and sticking to it, and I do not regret that decision for anything. Nothing in life is easy but hard work and believing in yourself is so important anything you put your mind too can be done.

I will be posting more about my trips around China so keep posted for that coming soon.

It feels good to be back. Hope you all are doing great and 2015 has been treating well thus far.

Cherry ♥


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