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I hope you all good. I missed a musical Monday yesterday only because it was a public holiday  and really didn’t feel like writing a post to be honest. I am back and feeling great.

Hope you all had great weekends, mine was a mixture of chill and fun just what I needed. Got my packing organised for my trip next week. A few bibs and bobs I  still need to get tonight and then I can sit back and patiently wait, to bored a plane next Monday. (exciting stuff)

I am still going strong on my diet and so proud of myself for pushing through and not giving up. This weekend was hard for me but I managed to overcome the small temptations and it is slowly becoming easier. I have lost 5 kgs so far so the results are definitely the motivation I need.  I feel good my new motto is when you think you hungry just drink water lol

It was so great to see my friend from Germany too. I don’t think I have met another guy more inlove with Cape Town than him. 3 years ago he came to do an exchange program volunteering at various schools  for 6 months. His been back every year since then. He said he has a Cape Town savings fund. Every month he saves money for his trip and hopefully one day he plans on moving here.

He always says we must come visit him so the plan is to save up next year then do a Euro trip with him and a few friends. So I shall strike while the travel bug has bitten me lol

Still not feeling very festive yet and our Christmas tree is not even up at home definitely on the the to do list this week.

Whats been happening with you? hows the festive season going?? I will leave you with a few pics from a party called LoveAll we went to over the weekend so much fun even took Courteney along.


Cherry ♥


More Family

Family Fun this weekend!
Family Fun this weekend!


Friends and Family festive fun



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