My Bali Top Picks of Things to do and See!

Hello all you Sun-Kissed Souls Hope you are all well and thriving as we hit into the second half of 2019. Earlier this year in January I visited beautiful Bali and the dreamy islands in Lombok. This trip has been a dream of mine ever since I have seen all the instagrammable pictures pop up […]

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The New Journey

Hello all you beautiful Sun -Kissed Souls Where have I  been some of you may ask if you don’t follow me on my socials and only on here, you may think I died. News flash or spoiler alert this Queen is very much alive. I have detached myself from this blog because I haven’t had much […]

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A Trip of Firsts – Christmas in Zambia

Hello, All you beautiful Sun-Kissed Souls While I was home at the end of last year, my family and I planned an impromptu trip to Zambia. My mom and dad had gone there the year before while I was still in Korea and my sister was in Bali. So while we were all in the […]

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11 Things To do in Cape Town in the Summer.

Hello all you Sun-kissed Souls Today I will be sharing some things you can do if you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Cape Town, not being biased but It’s my favorite city and a place you must add to your bucket list I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s Begin your […]

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The Big Suprise – A life Update

Hello, All you beautiful Sun- Kissed Souls! Sorry, I have been so busy and I am about to explain it all below to get you all in the loop. Trying to navigate real life, travel life and blogging has been a struggle BUT NO MORE EXCUSES! So let’s get this update going…. Where have I […]

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My 6 favorite Spots to Visit in Busan

Follow me as i discover the best spots to visit in the MegaCity Of Busan South Korea. Not only will i svae you time and help you from not getting lost in this Big coastal city they will also hlep you create good memories and capture great pictures with breath taking views from these beautiful iconic sites.

Hey all you Sun- Kissed Souls I have recently come back from a little solo trip to Busan I used to travel solo often but I haven’t gone on a break by myself in awhile needless to say it was well overdue and the timing could not have been more on point. I have visited […]

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