Champagne Bubbles and Oysters

I finally made it to the Knysna oyster festival 2013. I remember discussing it with a friend of mine 2 years ago and this year we finally decided to book a place, get on the road and head down to this little holiday town of Knysna for the Oyster Festival 2013.We left at 7am Thursday morning excited to take the long road. Its about 5 hours and 495 km from Cape town. We took a slow drive meandering along the countryside. We live in such a beautiful place and hardly get time to admire what is around us.

The Journey Begins


We arrived in Knysna at about 2pm checked into the Blue Oyster such a beautiful little B&B on top of the hill. We had lunch and then chilled for the afternoon after the long drive.

Blue Oyster
Blue Oyster


It was raining all week in Knysna but it looked like it was going to clear up so we hoped. After reading the Oyster Festival program of things to do in the town, we decided to get done for the evening and head out for dinner.

We ended up randomly meeting an old friend at Cruise Cafe where they were having a brandy tasting and 3 course meal for ZAR160 what a steal.

The Menu

1st Course

Pea and Ham Soup

2nd Course

Oxtail Stew with fresh Veg

3rd Course

Chocolate Fondant

Each Meal was paired with a brandy and we had a rep explaining to us each brandy and why it complements the specially chosen food. Unfortunately I can’t remember much, I was too busy enjoying the great food. It was absolutely divine.The chocolate fondant just completely topped it off. I was so full by the end of the night I felt like rolling home.

Chocolate Masterpiece
Chocolate Masterpiece

Day 2

We had a lovely breakfast at the Blue oyster, and went sightseeing around knysna.Theisen Island it’s so stunning the houses along the lagoon look like they come out of pictures. Then spent the afternoon at the festival sitting having a few drinks while the sun peeked its head through the clouds. People watching is my best part time. Listening to all the people and all the runners coming to register for the famous Knysna marathon. We bought some oysters to indulge in while we sat in the sun they were strange not the biggest oyster eater but like they say when Rome so when at an oyster festival swallow lol.

We ran into a few more familiar faces laughed and enjoyed the day. The evening we tried out Tapas and Oysters a lovely spot on Theisen Island we had some tapas and tried out tempura oysters, deep fried covered in batter it wasn’t too bad.

The evening we went and chilled at a friends place who has a holiday house in Knysna and continued on the drinks. Fun night filled with wine and laughs.

Breakfast at the Blue Oyster
Theisan Island
Theisen Island


Day 3

After breakfast we headed down to the festival and watched the marathon runners come in and met up with a few friends who ran. The place was packed with runners and supporters. The weather played its part perfectly too, it was a great day.We took a walk to the waterfront and along the harbor. We ended up bumping into the friends from  the previous night and went down to Cruise Cafe for lunch filled with champagne bubbles and the best freshest oysters I have ever eaten.I had some grilled calamari for lunch and the bubbles kept flowing the weather was sweet and the convo was filled with laughs a perfect winters day.

We then went back to our place chilled outside by the pool before getting ready for the nights activities. KFM hosted a party on a boat  we decided to check it out, Mathew Gold was performing too what a treat I am totally starting to feel like a groupie now lol  I am just a very proud friend. We hang out after his set danced and had such a good night. Then met up with more friends. This was when I started feeling like I was back in Cape Town so many people we kept running into.

View from our Room
View from our Room






We on a boat
We on a boat

Day 4

Was sad we had to pack up and leave this beautiful place. We went to Plettenberg Bay before the long journey home. We went to this amazing gem hidden away in Plet called Enricos for lunch. The weather was perfect and there were even dolphins showing off in the bay. We set off on our journey back to Cape Town at 3pm.Feeling lazy and tired from too much eating and drinking festivities but we had to say goodbye to our mid year getaway and come back to reality. We were clever to take off on Monday to recover before heading back to work on Tuesday. This was a great winter getaway and wish to visit this place sometime soon. Back to Reality we go!


Cherry ♥


Plettenberg Bay
Plettenberg Bay


The drive Home
The Drive Home

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