Soulful Coaching

Hi, my beautiful Sunkissedsouls

Many of you may have heard the term Wellness Coach or business coach being thrown around and may not know what a coach actually is. As this is a fairly new industry that is growing rapidly, I thought I would share some insights with you to give you a glimpse into the world of coaching.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is helping clients make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes to be  healthier, better people on a holistic level. A coach guides clients through a process by creating a vision for their life and helps to get them there. It’s a process of learning what serves you and what doesn’t. The role of a coach is to shine light on areas in your life that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.

The coach equips clients with different tools to help them navigate big roadblocks in their life like stress, anxiety, weight, health, self-esteem, body image and relationships and moves them towards a fulfilled life, centered around holistic well-being.

I personally help clients create strategies to help them let go of what no longer serves them and rediscover who they are at their core. My niche in wellness coaching is food and body freedom. I help stressed and anxious women beat the battle with food and their bodies to live a life of freedom. 

Areas I work in are:

  • Stress and anxiety management;
  • Discovering harmful patterns and their root causes ( it’s so much more than the food);
  • Connect back to your body and soul through soulful approaches like meditation and learning how to live more mindfully connecting body, mind and soul;
  • Understanding and embodying true self love through self-care practices;
  • So much more

What a Wellness Coach is not

A wellness coach is not necessarily a nutritionist, dietitian or personal trainer and licenced therapist. While they may be knowledgeable on these topics, they might not be qualified to offer you nutritional or fitness or clinical psychology advice.

What do Wellness Coaches help with?

Wellness coaches are there to guide and support you every step of the way even when you feel like throwing in the towel. The role of the coach is to create a safe space for you and keep you accountable for the transformation that you desire. Coaches do not do the work for you but they facilitate and guide you through the use of practical techniques which allow you to unlock your own potential. This is a not a quick fix and will require your commitment  to create the sustainable transformation you desire. Ultimately, we are here to guide you to make healthier and better choices that are in alignment with who you are.  It’s not a one size fit all strategy, my personal approach is tailor made specific for each of my clients, meeting them where they are at.

Do I need a Wellness Coach?

If you’re wondering if you need a wellness coach and you are struggling right now, I invite you to answer these questions below,

  1. Do you struggle to stay motivated and have low energy?
  2. Do you struggle with your weight?
  3. Are you an emotional/ binge eater?
  4. Do you struggle with stress and anxiety?
  5. Do you feel lost and confused and can’t figure out your purpose in life?
  6. Do you struggle with work-life balance?
  7. Do you struggle to keep a romantic partner?
  8. Do you want to make a healthy life change but struggle with where to start?
  9. Do you struggle to prioritize your own wellbeing?
  10. You struggle to express how you feel?

If you answered Yes to more than 3 of these questions you will benefit from investing in yourself. Take the journey inward, take back control of your life and live the life you desire. If you’re ready, click here to find out more about the SunkissedSoul Journey. 

Peace, Love and Happiness