Colour – The Greatest Love Story Ever Told


I am not one to talk openly about religion as it is something I am still figuring out myself but I am not ashamed to openly declare that I am a believer in God!

This past weekend I went to a women’s conference hosted by Hillsong Church called Colour.( an awesome gift from a dear friend) I have been going for the last three years with my best friend and this year I got my mom to join which was awesome.

The aim of the gathering is to inspire women and share the word of God and give practical ways in which we can help change the world and see what the global sisterhood of women across the world is doing. I am women of Christ and have been all my life as a child I was forced to go to church even when I did not know what was going on but only about 3 years ago I truly found out what being Christ follower is. (I will share that story another time.)

It’s been amazing to see how God has worked in this Church and how the vision of the Colour Conference has just grown. In it’s four years of existence in Cape Town it has grown to over 5000 women this year and to see how it has impacted women across the world is extraordinary.

I remember in 2012 when I went to my first gathering I was so broken, resigned from job had no clue where or what I was going to do. I did know I had to be at that conference to be encouraged to see how the world is responding to God; it blew me away and my love for helping and inspiring just grew inside me. That year I put my trust in God that he would lead me to the right place; it was tough, but I believe he did. CherryHearts was born that year in my heart I had no idea what it would become, but I had always dreamt of starting something of my own.

Then in 2013 at Colour I had found a job by this point, was happier in my work life and was pretty content with life as a whole. CherryHearts became a reality in the form of this Blog. I see life differently and finally had a platform to be creative and express myself and find out new things about myself. I prayed that year to be involved locally, and God blessed me with Out of Africa dance Acadamy a NPO  where Courteney dances with the vision to take kids away from crime and drugs and give them positive outlet. I  have been doing the social media and PR for the last year and helping with there upcoming show called Dreams into-Reality

Then this year 2014, ever since I came back from Thailand I have had this burst of wanderlust, to see more, do more, experience more, and I feel like I am running against the clock and that if I do not do it now it will never be done.
At conference this weekend we heard from Lisa Bavere, Holly Wagner and Bobby Houston. Three amazing women who have touched my life so much. I always felt intimidated by the Bible, but I have made a vow to myself to read it for myself.

Friday night Bobby spoke about love is on the way in the sense that God is in your past, present and future. Through listening to all the talks on Saturday. Hearing all the good stories coming from ordinary women doing extraordinary things and making a big impact in the global sphere, is so inspiring and amazing. I got this sense that I need to leave to get a global perspective so I can come back to Cape Town for local impact. No matter where we are in the world we all fighting for the same fight.

The greatest Love story ever told is no secret. It is that God sacrificed his only son for us so we can live free from sin and be surrounded by grace, love, hope, freedom and peace. So no matter where you at right now just remember that there is a God that truly loves you!

If you have never been I highly recommend you come to the next gathering, the Colour Conference is hosted in Sydney Australia, Cape Town, London and Keive. (click  here for more information)

Check out the 2015 promo video below.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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