Come on a wild Adventure – Cape Town

I have reached that time of the year when you feel your body saying no to anything that remotely looks, smells and sounds like work.

I won’t say I have the most challenging job in the world but trying to keep everyone happy all the time can be pretty exhausting.  I feel if I get a complaint from someone, I take it as a direct hint that I am not doing my job correctly the trick is to always be one step ahead before something in the kitchen runs out make sure you have a refill, when the internet goes down make sure you on the phone with the service provider and don’t you dare miss an office Birthday. “No I cannot do it,” is never an option, you say yes with a smile all day no matter how ridiculous the request may sound thank the heavens for Google or I may be a tad bit screwed when searching for a last minute cake or Macbook to be fixed.( catch my drift)

My Holiday as you can tell now 25 days away is certainly one I cannot wait for and I know as soon as it comes the sooner it will be over but with that said I found this amazing video on YouTube from The Biggest, Baddest Bucket List Trip. Two brothers ticking of their travel bucket list one continent at a time.

They recently uploaded a trip to Cape Town, if you in this city (my city) and you not jetting off on an Island holiday like me lol This holiday season become a tourist right here and discover this beautiful city with tourist eyes.  this video is perfect for those thinking about visiting awesome Cape Town too which is highly recommended I may add.

Please let me know your holiday season plans and give me tips for my Thailand adventure too if you have been. Have a great Thursday the last one of November 2013!


Cherry ♥

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