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As one can tell from my blog, I am a rather social girl. I won’t call myself a social butterfly because I never get the A-list ticket into things, and I have to pay for most things so I choose my events carefully, whom I am I kidding I am a sucker of huge amounts of FOMO.( fear of missing out)

With that being said, you will most likely catch me at most concerts and big outdoor events, I love music, people and a good vibe and if it is free its is defiantly for me lol ( saving for my world tour so I have to scoop up free things lol)

Last Saturday I went to an event at Clifton 4th beach called Moonstruck an annual charity event hosted by Cape Talk. Its a sunset picnic concert on the beach. So much fun and always packed out. After a crazy Friday at Ultra( read more here), a chilled day lazing by the pool in the scorching hot heat a evening dancing on the beach sunset vibes, was what the doctor prescribed. Although it felt like every muscle in my body was in serious pain after being a crazy jumping jack the previous night. ( a good workout)

Vicky Sampson and Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels ( South African Artists) entertained us on the beach singing old and new popular songs. The beach was an array of dancing bodies and set alight with bobbing glow sticks. It was a fun night and when the event was over the beach was packed with families and friends chilling out on blankets getting cozy with candle lights. It took me back to my Thailand NYE (read more here) when the beach was filled with happy faces and set alight with lanterns and fireworks.

I am truly blessed to live in such a beautiful city and thank God everyday for it even though I feel like a change of scenery is needed while I am still here I will be making the most of my summer days. I am clearly a summer person I come alive in the summer sunshine.

What’s you favorite season and why? I love summer but I love winter Fashion more.

Hope you all have great weekends  and enjoy my pictures!( I am getting into my new DSLR camera)

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Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


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