Feel the feeling until it no longer requires to be felt.

Hello All you Sun Kissed Souls

This week I have been feeling a little out of it and just need a moment of reflection a step back and acknowledge all I have done this year and maybe appreciate all my efforts. Queue another amazing quote. ”
Feel the feeling until it no longer requires to be felt.”Marissa Peer

When I started to rebrand Her Sun-Kissed Soul to me, it is more than just this website and hopefully a future business. I do this because I love being creative and sharing stories from my soul and making an impact on others in any small way I can.

To me Her Sun – Kissed Soul is me at my core it’s where I can bare my soul and encourage others to do the same through my journey. To do these things, I need to be transparent and authentic as I can be because that’s who I am and who I want to encourage all of you to be. You have most likely seen this quote before “No one is you and that is your own superpower.”

Each and every one of you is so wonderfully and uniquely made embracing who you are is the most significant gift and power you can ever give yourself and the world around you.

How crazy is it that there is only one of you in all the world take a second and let that sink in.


Dealing with Overwhelm.

I have been a bit overwhelmed lately and a little discouraged trying to live life better is not always easy when you are trying to change bad habits especially my lousy eating habits and change my mind, how I think, and speak to myself and others. My pastor said something in his sermon a week ago that profoundly stuck with me.”Your words have the power to shape someone’s destiny.” This really resonated with me because I have been more mindful this month with trying to conquer the battlefield of the mind. Our words are so powerful, and we need to use them better when talking to ourselves and to others.

Last week I stepped on the scale for the first time in ages and picked up weight that left me feeling discouraged because I work out, and I try to eat healthily. I tried to be kind to myself, but every time I would put clothes on that felt snug; I know how it made me feel inside. This triggered my emotional eating and a weekend of binge eating.

Monday I just started again I wasn’t going to allow this to make me feel bad I continue to go the gym and eat healthily I made delicious broccoli soup and my first attempt at hummus. Both turned out amazing and helped me snack less on unhealthy things. The old me would have made excuses and just crept back to old habits and spiral down a dark rabbit hole. This is massive progress as I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle not a quick fix anymore.

While trying to be more aware of what I consume mentally physically and spiritually, I feel I have reached an overwhelming moment. While I am fuelling myself with good things too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. It’s going back to finding that balance get back into that rhythm of life. Find that sweet spot again.


Healthy Routines can fuel your life.

As much as I don’t like routines, I know I need it. It works for me I am more productive, my mind is clear, and I feel good. Once I start disengaging and doing my thing in zombie mode that’s when I know I need to shake things up, I think that’s where I am in life right now. I know things are changing and maybe that’s making me want to try and do everything, and then I go in blind. Then what is the actual point? One key thing I have found on my self-development journey is being more mindful and self-aware. Before I would just keep going until I reach complete burnout. I am now learning to listen to the mind and body.

I would really encourage you to get into a healthy routine because the more your body and mind gets used to doing the same thing the better it becomes for you to be at your best. I can’t stress this enough really try to cultivate routines that work best for you. This may require some trial and error, but it will help you in the long run.


God sends you people.

This week I kept coming up with excuses I can miss a post this week and make up for it next week every time I would sit down to write something I would just stop mid way.

Then my mom told me to watch. Tracy Rosslinds insta story this morning. Long story short she is Fashion Styling Guru back in South Africa and has recently helped my sister launch her photography business giving her amazing opportunities to work on her team. My sister invited her for dinner at my parent’s house to say thank you. On her insta story, Tracy shared how grateful she was to be appreciated and acknowledged by my family.  Being in the entertainment industry /online space I know it’s cut throat everyone trying to get their 5 mins of glory, but the real thing we all want is a genuinely authentic connection and to be appreciated. At the end of the day we are all people.

Watching her talk about the evening filled me with so much feelings and even some tears. Just what I needed to hear to fuel my soul. ( She then went on to talk about my moms famous butter chicken curry that wouldn’t hurt right about now either.)

God made us be relationship people seeing that and how she was impacted by my family and how they could pour back into her life just gave me the fuel I needed to see the real point of life. We are here to live, serve encourage and motivate each other. We are here to engage in likes and comments that speak to our souls not to be fake in this unrealistic Instagram made world. We all have some sort of influence within our families peer groups, and at work, these are great opportunities to talk life into each other. (Remember your words have the chance to shape someone’s destiny)



To Conclude…

The world has enough hate and we can certainly do our part by adding more love into it. So I encourage you to be kinder to yourself and to all those we have around us.

This is where I am at in life trying to be self-aware and careful with my words. Trying to feel good about myself to work out, eat well and fill my soul with spiritual fuel to equip me to enter into this new space of life ready and excited because when my cup is full, it can run over into all of yours.

If you made it this far THANK YOU! I appreciate you all so much I really felt like I needed to get this message out there and hope it helped anyone else may be feeling a little discouraged. Know that you are valued and that you are amazing in all that you are.

Peace, love and Happiness








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