Feeling Acknowledged and Blessed!

I have been so out of touch with my brain child (CherryHeartsBlog lol) It has not been getting the loving it deserves, I guess it comes with the busy season ahead but I will not make excuses.

Last night marked the opening of the Christmas season for me this time of the year usually goes buy so fast with birthdays and Christmas parties office year end functions and the list goes on the silly season if you would.  I have been planning a few cheeky surprises too and cannot wait to share it with you hence my not so much blogloving activities. (I will not make excuses)More about the surprises when I can reveal them to you ( bursting to spill)

I have been feeling very demotivated and  tired lately. Think it comes with the year rolling out to the end (I still cannot believe how time has flown by).  I regard myself as selfless as I love helping others and fixing things but sometimes you can loose yourself in the thick of things. I think I have inherited that from my mom as I know she feels the same.( Always willing to help and then burning out)

While busy with all the good I try to do ( Don’t get me wrong I am far from a saint) and I know why I do it, not for self glory or fame but I do these acts of kindness, volunteer work at Sisters Inc, marketing activities with Out of Africa, random babysitting for God . I try to be like him and model his selflessness character and believe if his gifted you with a talent it is only right to pay it forward.

I am human after all and even though I don’t want the glory or fame it is nice to know you doing something right a little acknowledgement to motivate me and to push me over the finish line.

My prayers were answered last night. Common Good is an initiative that connects our church members to volunteer opportunities across the city. Like I have mentioned before I look after the kids most Mondays at Sister Inc a home for abused women and children. Last night  Common Good hosted the annual dinner to say thank you to all those that volunteer there time so generously to the course they have committed too.

It was just that bit of motivation I needed to push me over the finish line I so needed before my holiday. We had a great time of community chatting to others doing equally great things in the respective fields and their commitment to serve is amazing it was an honor to be seated in the same room as all of them.

Dinner was great chicken schnitzel baked potatoes and salad  and for dessert we had ice-cream and chocolate source yum.

Roger one the ministers from Common Ground Church  spoke us and thanked us for doing what we do, was a really awesome time to be acknowledged by God for the work we do for him. It gave me that sense of peace and I know I am not doing nearly enough but that I pray the lord will bless me with more serving opportunities within my kids ministry and beyond.

We got some time to write a Thank You letter to God for all his done for us in our ministries this year and we could share it with others around us if we so desired. We then got given  letters we wrote last year and I completely forgot what I had written.

This year has been tough especially at home and I never stopped going to those kids, It put life in perspective for me and being in the environment like sisters, where these tough times are the norm made me become more grateful for my family and the God that I serve. Every moment we spend together as a family and the opportunities I get in any ministry is a gift from god.

Thank you for reading this and I truly appreciate every follow, comment and like I receive on this Blog. God has gifted me with the ability to write.  I discovered this talent and the joy i get from it this year and this blog is just another form of me to honor my God gifted talents and inspire more people and I truly hope I do.


cherry ♥


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