Feeling Reflective

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My life has been a journey of endless possibilities, and I have loved the journey up until now. Nothing has been easy, and I believe the next few months will be the hardest and most fulfilling months I will ever experience.

While I prepare, I know, nothing will ever fully prepare me to be fully immersed into a complete different culture and have a language barrier hindering understanding. It’s already tough trying to speak to people that speak your language on a daily basis.

I finally finished my short English course yesterday another milestone I can tick off my list. I am proud of myself for finishing it and having that opportunity to learn again it was challenging at times and I just wanted it done so badly now sitting here feeling proud of my accomplishments makes it all worth it.

I now have to face my fears and practice what I was taught. All these teaching opportunities have been looking at are so overwhelming, and I am desperately praying for the right one to come along.

While my focus has been elsewhere, I have been neglecting this place I call home Cherryhearts. Content has been lacking, and I want to bring you good content.

This blog is an expression of me and Courteney, but things are starting to change and as I change things around me will change that’s inevitable. I feel like all this admin I have to do and doing its cramping my creativity style a tad bit. I am trying to think of ways to reintroduce my creativity again.

I never had any plan with this blog and my aim is to inspire all that reads it through being me. I sometimes more often than I like to admit don’t know me. I like and want to do so many things and it changes often.

So what do you like to read please let me know? Do you enjoy my lifestyle inspirational, motivational rants, my fashion stuff (not that there is much) my travel and explore cape town stuff or everything? If you have any ideas for me, please let me know in the comments.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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