Finding Happiness


I have been out of China for one month already time surely does fly and in that time I have been to 3  different countries met more interesting people than in my year in China and have grown up so much and I am really happy.

When on the open road by yourself you have nobody but yourself to worry about or hold accountable for stuff. You are dependent on yourself you decide what time you wake up, what you’re going to do that day if you are going to have a “me” day or make a new friend it’s your choice if you have a good day or bad day. Yes, there are external influences but at the end of the day it’s on you and how you react that will change every experience.

I have been extremely happy, and I can see how that radiates on to everything I do and my interactions with the people I meet I am the bubbly friendly girl I always knew I was. When you on your own you forced to step out of the confinement of what you know and take a leap of faith being nice surely never hurt nobody.

It’s more the freedom of allowing yourself to be in each moment and being happy not worrying about anything but just allowing yourself to be who you truly are and not being afraid of what others may think of you or what you think others expect of you.

We constantly bombarded with media and parents telling us what to do how to act and to think about our futures yes these things may be important but isn’t being happy equally as important.

Everyone is searching for happiness but why don’t you just stop take a second a minute if you have one and clear your mind think back to a real happy memory! How far back did u have to search for that memory if it was a year ago, or even a month ago it’s a problem? Happiness isn’t something you work towards, or you look for its something you should feel every day doing everyday things.

I always look at children, and if I have a low day I try to go somewhere where u can see children. (casually playing in a park, the street) Their happiness isn’t dependent on much they will find happiness in the smallest things listening to child’s laughter can turn my bad day into a happy day! So it’s not based on where u need to be or what you need to do to be happy. It’s where you are right now a simple attitude change is sometimes all it takes, and I know it’s harder said than done but seek solutions rather than problems and make every situation a happy one.

Don’t get me wrong I still have my brooding bitch days and still hate those extremely happy people, you know those people I am referring to, those people that fake happiness because nobody can be that happy all the time unless they are on some sort of happy drug lol.

Two years ago I was stuck at a desk job, and I didn’t hate it I liked it, but I was bored I needed more I wasn’t satisfied with clocking and clocking out every day.But that job led me to this, writing finding a passion I didn’t know I had and through my writing it led me to do things I wouldn’t usually do because I started seeing interesting stories to share in everything I was doing, and I wanted to do more experience more and inspire more.

Look at me now I am in a Coffee shop in Bangkok doing what I love sharing my life and experiences with you. So it’s all about making a change, and it doesn’t need to be drastic like skipping the country because I know everyone cannot do that. Find something that truly makes you happy or long lost passion and start doing it now. So even when life throws you curve balls and derails the happy train just keep smiling think of Dory from finding Nemo and just keep swimming preferably with a smile on your face. In true happiness style I will dazzle you with my smile. lol

Please comment below let me know how you feel about happiness I would be very interested yo know!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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