Finding my Dream, my Purpose,my Passion…

I have been  on the fence with my career path for awhile not sure if I am doing the right thing and feeling very frustrated about it, as I like to know things and put my all into everything I do. I prayed about it hoping for an answer but continued life as I know it.

My mom has been telling me to get involved with Courteney’s dance school for so long and I have just been like “yeah sure I will.” In the midst of me trying to figure out my purpose I eventually got roped into helping out the dance school and what a blessing it has been.

My mom and I decided to tag team and do the marketing and PR for Out of Africa Dance Academy(OOA), a Hip Hop school from Wynberg. Me, with my Social Media knowledge and mom’s great wordsmith skills, we got cracking on marketing their upcoming production “Dreams into Reality”.

“Dreams into Reality” where Courteney is one of the dancers and first time actor. Keep tuned  in for Courts piece on the show through a Dancers Eyes where she will fill you in on being on stage and all that jazz.

Me, I like to be behind the scenes, I was tasked to set up the OOA facebook page and event for the show. I do all the posts on the page and upload pictures, videos, announcements and events. My mom and I wrote to all the radio stations appealing for some publicity  and TV shows. Feeling very discouraged with no responses but then  Expresso Morning show on SABC3 decided to give them a slot.

That was amazing and thank them so much for all they have done for us. If you missed it, I will put the links below of the 3 clips, an interview with the Director of OOA and 2 dance clips.The publicity has been more than we could ask for and we pray for a  sold out show. If you would like to find out more about “Dreams into Reality” please check out the Facebook events page.

Not only does this show have a great meaning turning Dreams into Reality, through dance and theater. We want to help take the youth off the street by giving them a platform where they can use their talents in a positive manner too. My passion is helping others, and I got to use my knowledge of marketing and organising things to good use.

The show is about two weeks away and still so much to do but I trust all will be done in time, like they say in show business “The show must go on.” I am so excited to see it all come together and be inspired to turn my Dream into Reality. Being part of this production has already made part of my Dream come true!


cherry ♥

I encourage you all to have a dream and better yet make those dreams come true!

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