Getting out of your Comfort Zone


I feel so out of touch with this blog I do apologise for this; life in China has been chaos as can be expected. Since I have been back from holiday in Shanghai reality had to set in.

Adapting has been tough but as time passes by and boy does time pass by extremely fast here it has been such a good experience. I love living here, getting lost has been so frustrating but so good at the same time.

I have been here for just over a month now and have done so many things that are out of my comfort zone, it’s extremely scary, but it makes my journey here worth it. I bought a pink bicycle and cycle, everywhere. Try cycling in peak time traffic with so many people cars, buses and taxis it’s intense.

Teaching that has now become my job is so far out of my comfort zone its crazy and I ask myself every day what am I doing. Things have been so hard for me I put so much pressure on myself to get things right but when I step in that classroom, I just have to roll with the punches and do my best. I have good days and bad days, and I know with time things will get easier or so I keep praying. I have a new found respect for teachers I had no idea what a tough job this would be. From preparing lessons to managing the classroom its no easy task. Then I keep thinking to myself I didn’t come halfway around the world give up I just need to keep moving forward.

We have been fortunate and blessed with awesome work people the foreign staff and the locals are awesome. We speak English all day in the office that I sometimes forget I am in China until I need to go to the toilet and need to squat still slowly getting used to the long drop toilets

Life in China is so different, and I can’t explain it, it feels like I am living in a dream, like I am not here LOL. I don’t miss home just yet more the friends and family I have left behind and missing pivotal moments..Like hearing my dearest sister Courteney who competed in a talent competition last week got a call back to compete in the international competition in Florida USA and potentially has an opportunity to attend the New York Film Academy. She truly inspires me not give up and to continue to peruse my passions as she is doing.

One thing I have learnt on my journey here and getting to this point is not to give up. Believing in yourself is truly important and even though you may not have the plan fully mapped out when you have a goal and God on your team he will provide a way for you.

I had to move to China a million miles away to get out of my comfort zone and I can feel I am turning into a stronger person because of the obstacles I need to overcome. I urge you to get out of your comfort zone no matter how big or small it is try and do something that will challenge you in some way.

I am always keen to hear what it could be so let me know in the comments.

I will defiantly be posting soon I went to an amusement park today so I will fill you all in on that soon!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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