Give the Gift of Giving

I was hit with sobering facts this morning, when our office Cleaner asked me to say she earns more than what she actually does just so she can open a clothing account, so her children can have something nice to wear over the christmas time.

I felt so bad but had to decline as if they do any sort of credit check we could be liable for fraud. These situations are the norm in South Africa and probably most of the world you get the rich and wealthy and the poor. Yes I don’t believe in a handout just for a handout but this women in particular has 3 children and a husband who is struggling to find employment.


A thought of running a household on the bare minimum is frightening and really do not know how those struggling with nothing survive. I spend money on such frivolous things I just bought a new pair of shoes yesterday that in retrospect do not need if you see my ever growing shoe collection you would agree.

But yes I can say, shame and turn a blind eye but while explaining this dilemma I was in this morning to my best-friend, she  mentioned that we should rather giver her money or buy her vouchers for clothes. This was a brilliant idea, we get so caught up consumerism during this time that we can be so blinded and live in a I want world instead of I help world.

So we have decided to put a Christmas hamper together this year for her enlight of her tough situation, as it helped us think bigger than ourselves and rather of a solution to help even if it is in the smallest way possible.

I hope you can do your bit to help someone this festive season as much as it is nice to receive think of those with nothing and give the gift of giving.


Cherry ♥


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