Hard Work!

Life is all about hard work, through school University, and the real world nothing is ever easy unless you a born a Kardashion lol (even they work hard for their money.) My point is there is no easy way to the top. The difference is you can be a slave to pay bills or you can work hard to make a difference in your life.

Ever since I returned from my trip at the beginning of this year I felt a burning fire inside me, a thirst for more, see more do more and live more. The world is truly my oyster. I am not a trust fund kid, and in order to reach my goals in life I need to work hard and knowing all the effort I am putting in will make reaping the rewards all more worth it.

Starting my own Second hand clothing sale was hard work and this weekend past we hosted the sale. The weeks leading up to the sale was hard work sorting and pricing and arranging everything. With the help of family and friends we managed to make it work. Our turn out was slow and very grateful to all those who came out and supported.

At one point self doubt crept in and I was like why did I go through all this trouble for a handful of sales, and I then had to remind myself that those late nights will be worth it in the end. That I will rather work hard for something then expect a handout.

So we still have so much left to sell, and we hoping to take Shop my Closet to some Markets soon so we can sell the remaining stock.
Lesson learned; handwork is inevitable and even if you start slow don’t give up no matter what you do!

Hope you all had great weekends and here are some snaps from Shop My Closet!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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