Hello May

IMG_1581008400444Early morning greetings by the cold crisp air as I leave the house to set out on my daily routine. All while it is still dark outside the clear indication that the last month of autumn and the wintry cold months are approaching fast and just like that, we say Hello to May and goodbye to April.

April was a busy month, a transitioning period of sorts, planning and doing as much as possible and can proudly say now looking back the last 2 weekends of being a sloth and chilling around was acceptable. Between planning and hosting the Shop my closet Garage sale, I was proud that we managed to pull it off. Disappointed by the turnout but happy with the positive feedback we received.  To all those that supported us thank you so much! My back room still packed up full with clothes still waiting to find homes. I have now turned it into a pop up shop of sorts with visitors trickling in every so now and then. ( all are welcome)

I set out to complete these things listed below for my April do 5 random things list, and happy to say I completed most of them.

My 5 random things list for April were;

1 Shoot Courteney’s Dance video

2 Cook a meal

3 Go to Colour conference

4 Read a book

5 Random Act of Kindness


Courteney and I filmed her dance video and very proud of the outcome for a first attempt. If you have not watched it check it out below and let me know what you think.

Read A Book

I am almost finished reading the book I set out to read in April the book I read called The Art of Possibility. At some point in the book, I was not sure what I was reading but it’s very good made up of little stories from an Orchestra Conductor and how to see things differently and to see the possibility in life through doing things differently.


Cook a meal

Maybe this is a cheat just to say I cooked something, but I made homemade nachos, used the stove to cook chicken and the oven to bake the nachos and everything even made my own guacamole lol. ( I will try and make a proper healthy meal)


Colour Conference

I attended Hillsongs Colour Conference last month and it was a pivotal turning point in my spiritual self and I made a deal to read more, understand more and live a good life the life God intended for us. I was always intimidated by the Bible, but last year at the conference we received a beautiful Bible that I never touched and after the conference this year I started reading it and it was not as scary as I had imagined, the Message Bible is so easy to read and understand. I do need to dedicate more time to reading and unpacking the scriptures for myself.

My new Bible.
My new Bible.

A random act of Kindness

At our garage sale, we sold Cup Cakes and Lemonade for a good cause we want to raise R500 and donate it to the R500 project. A project where we need to just donate R500 to one of the causes. I still need to tally up how much we made I will put in the difference and send in our donation. So this one is still a work in progress but will keep you updated with the outcome.


So looking back and looking at the small things I did accomplish this past month makes me feel good and keeps me on the positive track. As some of you may of read my previous post, I was feeling very overwhelmed by life in general questioning my purpose and lacking inspiration, thanks to those of you who took the time to comment your suggestions were a great help and I am truly thankful to have awesome followers thank you so much.

So May what do you have in store for me….

Dreams into Reality Show happening this weekend so will be busy with that ( wishing and praying all runs smoothly), If you in the Cape Town area I encourage you to come check it out the production at the Artscape happening the 10th and 11th of May  tickets are available at Computicket  and is definitely a good way to spend time as a family watching great dancing and a great  story unfold. (It could make an awesome mothers day gift too!)

Dreams into Reality 2 Poster

 I need to get my study on too I am doing something very scary and exciting all at the same time but more on that another time.

So May, be Good to us and may this month be better than the last, may every day be a blessing and may we appreciate life and all we have to share and learn.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



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