Hoi An the City of lights and tailored clothes

Hello all you Beautiful Sun-kissed Souls

This week I am sharing my experience in Hoi An and my favorite thing to do especially on my travels is shopping. I love picking up unique pieces and there is no better place than Hoi An where you can get things custom made. So you can imagine I was a kid in a candy store.

If there is one place in all of Vietnam I wish that you do not miss it’s Hoi An. Get swept away by the charm of this beautiful city and all it has to offer.

Not many people may be aware that Hoi An is known for all their tailors and handmade goodies. From arts to crafts to lanterns and all kinds of clothing and handmade leather goods. You can pick things up here for a steal and have them customed designed.

If you have a few days here, my suggestion is to shop around go into a few tailors and get some quotes to meet your budget. Also, prepare styles of clothes that you want to have made beforehand. I used Pinterest as my go-to style board and just show these incredibly talented ladies a picture, and they will be able to make it for you in hours.

These were my pictures I showed these talneted seamstress and they made it for me in a a day.

They are willing to work with your deadline and get your items done on time. If you can make time in your itinerary to spend up to 3 or 4 days here, it will be better, but they can make your clothes within a day if you are going for something simple.

I was not disappointed with my purchases at all I had a beautiful yellow floral wrap dress made and a matching wrap top and shorts set. I also had a pair of leather sandals made and a very stylish leather duffle bag.

Due to our tight schedule, we stopped at the first place we found a street behind the river you will find many great shops and cafes on this street in the old town. It was such a fun experince the ladies who helped us here were all very friendly and gave us great advice on fabrics and you get to choose and get involved in the design process too.

Tailor and Leather Information Below

Le Pavillon Tailor

Open today: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm


Kha Thi Leather Shop

Adress: 49 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Cam Pho WardHoi An, Vietnam


I hope you enjoyed this post I kept it very simple just highlighting another gem I found in Hoi An.  When planning a trip to Vietnam dont miss this amazing opportunity to get some awesome custom peices made for your home or wardrobe that wont break the bank I promise you.

Let me know of some other great shopping destinations you have visited in the comments so I can add them to my ever growing bucket list.

Peace love and Happiness






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