I am just an ordinary Girl doing Extraordinary things, while living abroad and still navigating through the usual struggles of adulthood just in another language.

My vision for Her Sun-Kissed Soul; is to show women that we all struggle with the same insecurities, but not to be held back by them. You can still do amazing things flaws and all wherever in the world you are. The answer is, in loving yourself and the world around you.

My name is Thalea (aka Sun -Kissed Queen) currently living in Daegu South Korea originally from Cape Town South Africa. If I could chase the sun for a living that’s what I would be doing full time no arguments about that. I love travelling, meeting new people, great food and great conversations.

I traded in my Marketing/ Office management Job back in 2014 to pursue my love for travel. Teaching English has given me the means to do this and I am still going strong.

I am an aspiring soulful writer, writing from the heart one of my biggest insecurities is sharing my writing with the world but it’s ironic that, that very thing is what I feel my God given talent is to share my stories with you. Where it be travel adventures, advice, how to live abroad or some thought provoking thoughts from my soul.

If you made it this far thanks for reading and welcome! Hope you enjoy all my content and I am always happy to connect with you all.Β  You can also follow me on all my socials.

Peace love and happiness









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  1. Hi girls.. Thank you so much for the follow. Your blog is so cute and I followed right back.. Looking forward to many more posts.
    hugs and clouds

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