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How Meditation changed my life

Hello. Beautiful Souls

Today I would like to share how Meditation has changed my life and invite you to try this modality with me.

Back in 2019 when I enrolled in my hungry for happiness coaching certification. This was when I started to meditate regularly. I dabbled in and out of meditation for years prior but never taking it seriously.

While completing my 10-month program, we had these audio practices that were mandatory each week. Combining this mindfulness practice with each module of my course, I started to notice changes from within. I like many others I have come in contact with, have had a misconception around meditation. Some think it is all about clearing your mind and not getting distracted. It is virtually impossible to have a clear mind and to my understanding, this is not the point of meditation. I would like to bust that myth, you are not meant to be like a monk sitting in complete silence for hours. This may work for some but, we all live in this crazy 3d world navigating real things daily.

What I have come to learn on my road to enlightenment, is that meditation is a mindfulness tool to help you lessen the attachment to your thoughts. Taking time out to pause, time to quiet all the noise from the external world to help you concentrate on your internal world and create space between yourself and your thoughts. ( spoiler alert you are not your thoughts)This will help you let go of your thoughts so you can tap into the wisdom that lives within your body and listen to the whispers of your soul.

Using this modality of meditation has helped me to sift through all my fear-based thoughts that live in my mind. Meditation has helped me to listen to what is happening within on a much deeper level.

We cannot listen to what is happening within if we are attached to our fears, thoughts, and the noise of the world. Practicing meditation regularly has truly helped me to calm my mind, notice what is fear and what is an empowering thought in the mental pillar. The stillness has helped me to listen more intently to the sensations of my body. It has also helped me to listen to my soul with my heart that has led me to follow my intuition.

There are many different styles of meditation and I am not clued up on all of them. I practice mindfulness meditation connected with deep breathing, and visualization exercises. This has been the ultimate game-changer for me.

This modality has helped me to tap into all the complex parts of my humanness and tap into parts of me I have lost connection with.

I use this practice in all my coaching sessions and find it so powerful to help people connect back to the parts for them they have lost connection with. I am so grateful that through my training and embodying this modality by truly connecting back to the wisdom that lives within, I am now able to administer this for others.

I would love to invite you to experience this mindfulness modality of meditation with me. I have become a teacher on Insighttimer where you can access these mindfulness practices from other great teachers too.

Follow me here as I would love to bring this to you whenever you may need time to reconnect with yourself.

I also have a YouTube Channel where I drop monthly Meditations for you to access at any time.

I’m also co facilitating a very special event called Embodied on the 24th of July for all women. It’s a time for storytelling, meditation, connecting to the divine feminine and embodied movement.

This is a safe space to learn, love and grow together within a global sisterhood. If this sounds like something you would like join, I would love to invite you into the space. All the information is here and when purchasing tickets use my name Thalea on checkout.
If you coming send me a DM over on Instagram @hersunkissedsoul I’m always happy to connect!

Please comment down below if you have any experience with meditation or would love to learn more. I am always happy to support where I can.

Peace, Love and Happiness.

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